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Guidance counselors help students on matters regarding school, personal issues, preparing for the future, and more.

Sameeha Rashid, Reporter

The guidance counselors of SHS provide students with advice about school life and how to survive the madness of high school. Anyone can schedule to go to a guidance counselor’s office if they need guidance and assistance.

Guidance counselors don’t only manage schedule changes; they work to help students in any way they can. The purpose of a guidance counselor is to support students in their educational journey towards achievement and success, whatever that may be for them. They are advocates for students and help them academically and emotionally to get through high school and succeed in college.

Counselors have to adapt to diverse types of students with distinct needs and goals. Helping can be anything from driving a veering student back on the right track with graduation requirements, finding resources, or even just being available to listen.

Guidance counselor of ninth grade IB and Health Academy Shenique Gilbert says, “One reason I wanted to be a guidance counselor is because one counselor during my high school years really helped me and there’s a lack of minority in this group.”

Guidance counselor of tenth through twelfth grade Health Academy students Leslie Mulet says, “Essentially what drove me to be a guidance counselor was my passion to help. I knew that as a counselor I would be able to work directly with students and help them succeed and achieve their goals.”

Sophomore Sania Shaukat adds, “I was so lost freshman year and my guidance counselor, Ms. Gilbert, really guided me towards the right direction.”

As the school year continues, guidance counselors will continue to assist students in staying on track. They are accessible for anyone who needs help with anything related to school.

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