Halloween Horror Nights vs. Howl-o-Scream


Source: https://www.themeparkhipster.com/fans-review-halloween-horror-nights/

Mia Kinsey, Contributor

Halloween Horror Nights and Howl-O-Scream are very popular Halloween events that happen at Universal Studios and Busch Gardens respectively. They both start at around the same time, Sept. 2nd to Oct 31st, and they have competition with each other. Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) takes place Wednesday through Sunday, and Howl-O-Scream hosts its events Thursday through Sunday. The prices of HHN tickets are obviously going to be more expensive than Howl-O-Scream. Their higher ticket prices allow them to pull off amazing creations, and property partnerships. Tickets for HHN start at $73.99, while Howl-O-Scream tickets for a single night starts at $44.99 (Theme Park Hipster). Halloween Horror Nights lines can get extremely long and busy. However while Howl-O-Scream can also have busy nights, especially the closer it gets to Halloween, but they rarely surpass a busy night compared to HHN. At Howl-O-Scream the smaller crowd sizes allow you to have personal time with the actors and allow you to examine the houses (Theme Park University). On the other hand, HHN is crowded and you get pushed through the houses. HHN has resorted to using exclusive intellectual properties revolving around a TV show or movie horror franchise. Most of the best houses at HHN came out of original stories they created. Howl-O-Scream creates original storylines which means they only answer to themselves, it allows them to be more creative with an open canvas and original characters, sets, and themes. One of the best parts of HHN is the food. Many of the haunted houses have their own food kiosks that reflect the theme of the houses. Being surrounded by scary actors and eerie music creates an exhilarating atmosphere. As soon as you get to the park the atmosphere changes, the lights dim, the music gets louder, and the scares begin. Overall, Halloween Horror Nights and Howl-O-Scream offers are pretty similar. Because of these drawbacks I think Halloween Horror Nights has the better scares, themes of houses, and atmosphere, than Howl-O-Scream.