Want a quick adrenaline rush? It’s just a button away.

Andrew Miller, Staff Reporter

Ding dong ditching has entertained kids for years. It is a relatively harmless way to keep oneself occupied, and there are plenty of things worse than ringing your neighbor’s doorbell a couple of times.

Everyone has probably done it once or twice in their lives: run up to the door, ring the doorbell a few more times than anybody probably should, and run and hide to get a good view of the annoyed neighbor.

The idea is not to drive a homeowner into a fit of rage that leads them to call the police, but rather a feeling of nostalgia from doing it a couple times, almost a reminder that they were once a kid too.

An anonymous sophomore explained their point of view, “I think it’s funny to do it once or twice, but I don’t think its right to annoy people by doing it a lot.”

The spirit of the prank is usually in good fun, so it is tolerated by anybody that still has a sense of childhood.

Others do not appear to be too fond of the prank, however, and they are not afraid to express their disapproval. Sophomore Joseph Sharrow said, “It’s immature and I really don’t see the point in doing it”.

Senior Lauren Myers agreed, “I think it’s funny for kids when they’re nine, but if you’re seventeen and you’re ding dong ditching people than you need to re-evaluate your life.

Everyone cannot be expected to get a kick out of it, though. It is not hard to understand why it would be slightly irritating, especially if it was a bad day already.

Hate it or love it, it will most likely remain a popular tradition among neighborhood troublemakers. Whether that means taking a joke for what it is or becoming annoyed is a personal choice.