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Health Academy provides students with hands-on experience that prepares them for future careers.

Sameeha Rashid, Reporter

The field of health is rapidly evolving and the Academy of Health Careers at SHS prepares students to enter the medical world. Each grade level equips them with advanced knowledge about health science and experiences that they can use later in their careers and throughout their lives.  

The peak of this journey is senior year when students get to go to facilities and experience one-on-one involvement with professionals directly related to their career path. Seniors are obligated to take two health classes in order to comprehend all of the information that is expected to be learned.  

There are four categories to choose from: global health, allied health, an emergency medical responder (EMR) course, and a nursing course. Students in the global health track learn about the causes of diseases from all over the world, the EMR course prepares students for extreme situations and certifies them as technicians, the nursing course allows students to be certified as nursing assistants, and allied health teaches about assisting the elderly.

Senior Colton Bradley says, “I wouldn’t have known half the [information] I know now without being in Health Academy. Senior year is honestly the most fun.”  

The real action starts during the second semester of junior year when students get to wear their brand new scrubs to show that they belong in Health Academy. This year is also the first that Health students are taken to hospitals and facilities outside of school.  

Junior Ruth Nguyen adds, “Health Academy is going to provide a basis for my future, so that I can get a head start for my health career.” 

Students are immersed in their first Health Science class during sophomore year when they learn about body parts and human body systems. Underclassmen are given the fundamentals needed for the upcoming courses, and are tested and certified in first aid and CPR.

Sophomore Kirsten Stroller reveals, “This year may seem boring and overrated, but it actually provides a lot of crucial information that will help me later- not just in Health Academy, but also in the real world.”  

Freshman Amber Price comments, “The information we’re learning right now will stick with us throughout the rest of our time in Health Academy.”    

Health students prepare by learning about health from an early age. Academy of Health Careers is a program designed to arm students with the skills and knowledge they need to enter and succeed in the ever-changing world of medicine.