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Troy Bolton and his best buds are ready for the big game!

The spring musical is finally here! This year, the theater company is taking on the Disney classic, High School Musical.  As our school takes on the award-winning production on the weekend of April 11-14, many students anticipate its arrival.

In High School Musical, athlete Troy Bolton falls for the intelligent Gabriella Montez. They both audition for their school musical, but run into conflict with popular “star” Sharpay Evans. The film revolves around the process of these teenagers facing the obstacles that show up in their path as they try to follow their dreams.

“I am really excited to see the musical because High School Musical was one of my favorite movies growing up,” said sophomore Zoe Ornberg. “Our school always has amazing theater productions, so I am super excited to see how they show High School Musical. I actually have a few friends casted in the play and I am excited to see them perform as well.”

Many students are thrilled to see the new musical, and to also see their friends and fellow classmates remake this film. The cast list includes:

Troy Bolton: Matt Lorden

Gabriella Montez: Sofia Donato

Coach Bolton: Jackson Franklin

Sharpay Evans: Stefani Allegra  

Ryan Evans: Max Wadley

Kelsi Neilson: Danielle Shenkman

Ms. Darbus: Elizabeth Gopsill

Zeke Bayloy: Zackarie Willock

Taylor Mckessie: Keziah Thomas

Jason Cross: Max Dalton

Chad Danforth: Noah Howard

James: Diziah Daniels

Susan: Caroline Smith

Cathy: Tatum Mcbride

Alan: Marvin Bacon

Cyndra: Victoria Dowling

Martha Cox: Vivian Rogers

Kratnoff: Amixadai Miranda-Hernandez

Ripper: Ethan Sims

Mongo: Yamil Camacho

Jackie Scott: Chloe Fawcett

Ms. Tenney Voice: Sydney Breedlove

Karaoke M.C.: Olivia Pigg

Moderator: Jasmine Kesselring

Other Jocks: Austin Bennett, Jeriel Douglass, Diziah Daniels

Cheerleaders: Cameese Jackson, Kymanny Bryant, Ximena Salazar, Jennifer Ebberhart, Mily Cuevas, Serra Sowers, Natalie Estrella

Ensemble: Sarah Sanchez, Brooke Algin, Sidney Perez, Gabrielle Garcia, Nolin Davis, Alaina Keenan, Jainine Lherisson, Jeanne Vanslette, Stephanie Shekarchi, Jerica Dotson, Marly Sims, Lexi Drayer, Kailey King, Eva Castillo, Emily Symanns, Marie Carmona, Neryan Lamboy, Caitlyn Weber, Madison Montas, Jasmine Sun, Sara Ahmed, Chandana Karamnachi

High School Musical, while it is a story that appeals to a younger audience, there’s an important underlying message of breaking the status quo, especially in high school. Students are naturally inclined to fall into “cliques” or categorize themselves in groups. However, Gabriella, despite being the nerdy brain, was able to express herself through music and theater. Students should not be afraid to be who they are and express themselves in whatever their heart desires.

“High School Musical was one of my favorite movies growing up because it showed that I could do whatever I put my mind to. And it was the cutest story about the importance of hard work, love, and friendship,” said sophomore Rithika Aluvala.

Make sure to see High School Musical, April 11th-14th! Tickets are available at the door for $15. The show starts at 7pm on April 11th-13th, and 2pm on Sunday, April 14th.