Marium Shaikh, Reporter

By: Marium Shaikh, Reporter

Homecoming is a common tradition in high schools across the U.S. The tradition reflects the enthusiasm in support of their alma mater. While homecoming may seem to be a timeless event, it can be traced back to its roots.

The event began with the annual Harvard-Yale game, which invited alumni to return to their alma mater for the big game, but the origins of the first homecoming celebration didn’t take place again until 1910 at Baylor, Illinois, and Missouri. All of these homecoming events consisted of the same activities: football games, pep rallies, parades, speeches, and dances. The main purpose of the event was to bring alumni and students together for a powerful sensation of school pride. Not long after, more colleges and universities participated in the homecoming festivities; by 1920 the homecoming spirit had taken spark all across the United States, making it an American tradition.

Freshman Akeylah Waite says, “I feel very excited to experience homecoming with my friends. I really look forward to attending the football games and pep-rallies most, I love seeing a sea of orange and black.”

In the past, homecoming at Seminole was the fall’s climax. It was introduced by a hootenanny: an informal gathering with folk music and dancing. The annual colorful parade was enhanced by sponsors and floats. Sophomores also built a bonfire that transformed into a blazing inferno. Attire during the Seminole High School dance season changed from double-breasted suits, homecoming outfits, and mums; soon everyone was wearing tuxedos and flowing formals. Homecoming is an outlet of student cultural expression.

An example of this cultural variability and change in homecoming over time is the apparel teenagers wear during homecoming. In the past, females tend to wear swing dresses with appropriate coverage. Nowadays, females are beginning to wear tighter fitting dresses with cleavage and cut-outs.

Senior Alyssa Reyes says her favorite part of homecoming is “Dressing up, I love dressing up and making outfits for each themed day.”

“Expectations at Seminole High School continue to grow every year, students want bigger, better, louder, and different. This year I plan on using props, lighting effects, and relating music to the theme.” says Leadership and English teacher Ms. Janill Jesni

Homecoming is an event that has taken place for over one hundred years; this is a time of year that students look forward to most. This tradition brings joy and excitement to schools all across the nation.