Seminole Shares Holiday Traditions


Rachel Lansperry

Many people around the world participate in different traditions. Whether it be visiting family or making a yummy treat traditions are all around us, especially during the holidays. f

Samhitha Katuru, Reporter

As the year comes to an end, the holidays draw closer, bringing feelings of joy and nostalgia. Even as people grow older, the magic of holidays never fades away, offering moments of relaxation and pure, unfiltered happiness. Taking away the anxiety of everyday life, holidays offer a reprieve from usual chores and work. Essentially, holidays are a permanent part of our lives, regardless of how you celebrate them. The reason being lies in the heritage and traditions families possess and practice. Regardless of age, traditions secure a strong place in people’s hearts. Simply stated, they are vital to holidays and provide a way to bond with family and friends.

Holiday traditions are often unique to each family. They often survive through generations or numerous years. Most traditions are ritualistic behaviors that occur annually and signify feelings of anticipation and unity, bringing family closer together. The predictability of traditions provides a sense of ease as well as comfort and security. Traditions also create new, positive memories with family members and friends that provide and promote a familiar sense of togetherness that only brings people closer. 

IB Sophomore Lucy Guo explains that in her family “[her] tradition is to have [her] brother wake [her] up super early in the morning because he can’t wait to see what Santa brought.” 

Specific traditions do not necessarily have to be ritualistic behaviors. Certain foods and recipes passed through generations can be considered a traditional custom.

“My family makes dumplings for New Years and Christmas every year,” said Guo.

The process of making certain food proves to be nostalgic and relaxing. It often brings people together through feelings of belonging and unity. Traditional food can also be a way of connecting with your elders, especially if a recipe has been passed down for generations. Many people make certain food for holiday dinners that are ancestral. It is a common remark when people say that the pie they bought was their grandmother’s recipe.

“Usually on Christmas, my family and I have chicken pot pie, a traditional dish in the family,” states IB Sophomore Sophie Burns.

Gift-giving is an extremely popular tradition. Often practiced at Christmas through the grandfatherly, mythical figure of Santa Claus, it is commonly seen in numerous households. Parents often tell children about Santa Claus to secure good behavior throughout the year as it is known that only good children earn gifts. Gifts given are usually personal towards the person receiving them. 

During Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, gift-giving between family is a common, wonderful tradition. 

“I exchange gifts with my parents and we open them at the same time. I do celebrate Christmas, but I celebrate it twice because I’m in a divorced household. So, I go to my dad’s Christmas eve and have dinner with them and then go to my mom’s that night to wake up on Christmas morning to open presents with her,” says Burns.

Some common gift ideas include clothes, mugs, fuzzy socks, and gift cards. Something personal like a photo album and specific jewelry are great memorable gifts as well. However, wish lists help determine what to get as well. 

For example, on Burns’s wish list, self-care products make up the majority of it.

“Since we’re in quarantine, I thought I should probably boost up my hygiene and health so I’ve been focusing all of my Christmas gifts on that. I also asked for workout clothes for when I exercise at home and do track practice,” explains Burns.

Guo would like the new iPad Air 4 and apple pencil because she wants to learn how to digitally draw art.

All in all, everyone this year deserves a good break to celebrate traditions with family and friends. The approaching holidays will provide that, regardless of traditions and how you celebrate them. Well-deserved relaxation and utter bliss in the form of hot chocolate cannot come closer this year!