Brea Jones

As homecoming gets closer, the nominees prepare for their big day.

Mallika Dave, Reporter

Homecoming is a valued tradition at Seminole High School. It symbolizes the school spirit that teachers, administration, and students share together. This year, the theme for the homecoming dance is Galactic Getaway, and it will be held on Saturday, November 7th at 8 pm.

The members of this year’s homecoming court have been announced, and are actively anticipating homecoming and related events.

Senior Judianne Vista says, “I think we have the responsibility as the homecoming court of being model students, especially since we were selected by our peers.”

Meetings are held among the homecoming court members to discuss events such as the homecoming parade and pep rallies, which they are given the chance to participate in.

During the homecoming pep rally, the homecoming court can be seen lined up before the student body at the edge of the football field waiting to express their school spirit. They can also be seen representing Seminole High School at the homecoming parade on November 5th, riding down the historical streets of Sanford in their dazzling dresses and tuxedos.

Senior Amrita Sumal says, “I just thought [homecoming court] would be a once in a lifetime experience and it wouldn’t hurt to try.”

The process of getting onto the homecoming court was fairly simple.  Those interested in running must have first been seniors. They must have then gotten the word around that they’d liked to be nominated. Members of the court were then chosen based on the amount of nominations they received from their peers, who must also have been seniors.

“Be yourself and be genuine. Just let people know what [homecoming court] means to you” advises Sumal.

Senior David Jones says, “I want to make my parents proud with this homecoming nomination.”

Being a part of the homecoming court is an honor, as it is a continuation of a valued school tradition.  Homecoming court members stand for the school body and Seminole spirit.