Hurricane Dorian Relief


Jessica Ty

After the catastrophic hurricane in the Bahamas, several organizations are looking for donations.

Kruthi Munugeti, Reporter

Students at Seminole High were generally excited for the “hurricane break” that took place Sept. 3 and 4, but our neighbors in the Bahamas had completely different reaction to this catastrophic beast. Hurricane Dorian was a Category Five hurricane when it hit near Great Abaco and Grand Bahama.The massive storm caused much wreckage and havoc on the citizens of the Bahamas, and had a current death toll of forty three. The civilians hurriedly rushed to safety from their island through private boats due to over forty five percent of their houses being destroyed. Because the Bahamas is not too far from Florida, it is easy to help the people in the Bahamas through clubs here at Seminole.


National Honor Society is holding a Hurricane Relief drive to help those who have been affected by the storm. Senior Sydney Tomlinn, president of NHS, explains that the proceeds will be brought to Harvest Time International, where there is already a pre-existing drive in place. Bring your items to Mr. Guy Stump’s room in Renegade 216 , to help contribute to the civilians in need and improve their quality of life right now.


“It’s important for students to donate items because of the thousands of people that are needing extra love and care right now. Any [of the] small things we can do could potentially bring so much joy and light into their lives,” said Tomlinn.


Many of us have already bought supplies due to the widespread expectation that the hurricane would hit us. Donating the supplies is a cost-efficient way to help those in the Bahamas, who really need our help. By being a Nole, it is our responsibility to help those in need. Do your part today, and donate to an organization of your choice. Here is a list of some places that accept you donation today.


  • Harvest Time International 
  • Seacoast Bank (All branches)
  • Sonny BBQ


Items to donate include but are not limited to:




-First Aid Items

-Cleaning Supplies

-Canned goods




-Hand Sanitizer

-Bottled Water


If you do not have any materials to donate, check out this link for websites that help the Bahamas through monetary donations.