Ariyen Jimenez

Andrew Tate, a rising influencer, faces immense controversy.

Laura Guske, Reporter

The infamous Andrew Tate has been striking outrage all across social media for his controversial views. But who actually is Mr. Tate? Before Andrew Tate took off on social media,he was a professional kickboxer. Tate’s kickboxing career earned himself a spot as one of the best light-heavyweight kickboxers in Britain by the International Sport Kickboxing Association. Though after retiring in 2016 from his kickboxing career, Tate’s popularity began to rise after controversies arose from a series of tweets he released in reference to the Harvey Weinstein scandal. After more comments and controversy, Tate has had three of his twitter accounts suspended. In August, Tate was banned from Facebook and Instagram due to not following community guidelines. Though what does the world really think of Andrew Tate? Many seem to hate him, but he maintains an infamous influencer with a large fanbase.


SHS junior Dan Schoneck, says “I know everyone hates him but he is genuinely a good person and not a misogynist. He has good ideas and he speaks the truth even if it upsets people.” 


The accuracy of Tate’s statements remain unclear. Typically, Tate’s comments on topics such as gender and religion often are what tend to upset many people. These topics are very personal and hit home for many,making them sensitive topics for Tate’s hot takes. Schoneck also gave some background on Tate in which he shared that Tate “came from the gutter and is now very successful.” 


Andrew Tate’s worth is at an estimated $355 million. Tate built up his net worth through casinos, a webcam studio, and an online university. Despite any of Tates statements, there is no denying the hard work that he has put in his business. 


SHS junior Aryan Akula’s favorite quote from Tate is:  “Find a person who is as successful as you’d like to be, ask them what to do, do it and work hard.” 


Besides social hot takes, Tate has spread some good inspirational messages that encourage hard work. Tate’s hard work, set aside from any political and social commentary and influence, has made him tremendously successful. Akula also believes that “Andrew Tate simply brings out the truths that people cannot accept”. 


Yet, many do not see Tate in a positive light. PSI High junior Mercedes Newland expresses: “I think Tate is just someone who says controversial things that purposefully comes across the wrong way. I think most of what he says is for attention.” 


Some say there is no such thing as bad publicity, something that Tate believes in. Every time Tate makes a big statement he receives massive attention from the press and public. Whether this attention is positive or negative, it is putting Tate in the spotlight and therefore building his name and platform. Some theorize that Tate’s controversial takes are simply a way for him to get famous quickly. Newland believes that “most of what he says is built on a justifiable foundation, which gives his supporters something to fall back on.” 


Tate’s reasoning behind his statements are likely what enables him to earn a massive following even after making numerous provocative statements. 


Andrew Tate’s vast variety of controversy brings many to the opinion of SHS junior Dylan Ramotor, in which he states “most of his viewpoints I agree with, but some of the things he says aren’t right though.” 


Today, when public figures make statements, many are quick to make assumptions about these figures as people, often assuming that a first impression is all there is. In Andrew Tate’s case, when all of Tate’s statements are looked at as a whole, he does not seem as villainizing  as many may initially categorize him as. Taking a step back from particularly alarming statements of celebrities and looking at the bigger picture can give a better understanding of who the person really is and what they stand for.