Fiona Luzano, Reporter

The popcorn event on Feb. 10, 2022 was the very first fundraiser for the Junior Class Council this year (JCC). JCC is a club that takes care of events in school, but there is one main thing that differentiates it from the Leadership class that Seminole High School (SHS) offers: JCC is in charge of the prom and leadership is in charge of homecoming. In order for the JCC to be able to fund prom, they have to have fundraisers. This is so they can raise money to make prom as perfect as it can be, so that seniors can get the prom they deserve. The series of fundraisers that the JCC holds are the popcorn event, powderpuff, and student vs. teacher basketball. These events are all student organized, meaning the members are students and they take care of the events and plan everything that they need to. 

The popcorn event was a fundraiser that was suggested by Malachi Daley, one of the members of JCC. The idea was immediately accepted as the Leadership students said they were having a Valentine’s day movie night. The JCC is using Daley’s popcorn machine to make this event happen. Daley is willing to help the club in any way that he can. 

One of the other fundraisers that the JCC holds is powderpuff, which took place on Jan. 24, 2022 at 6:30 pm. Powderpuff is an event where the boys play as cheerleaders and the girls play as football players. The tickets will be on sale on GoFan for 6 dollars. There will be practices before the game comes, which are Wednesdays. The student that is in charge of this JCC event is Tabeana Khan. She is in charge of the event, deciding which coaches will be coaching the students, who the players and cheerleaders will be, and more. Khan is not the only student who arranges the powderpuff event, other members of the JCC help out to make this event possible, every member is doing their own parts to help out. 

The first practice for powderpuff was a success. Both juniors and seniors showed up on time dressed out with their athletic attire and ready for the practice. Some varsity football players like Goldie Lawrence were also ready to teach the junior and senior girls how to play football. They taught the girls the basics of football. During practice, the eagerness from both the seniors and juniors was evident. After the girls practice, it was the boys turn to play the role of cheerleaders. The boys showed up ready to learn how to cheer on the girls.

The last known fundraiser that the JCC is doing before prom will be the student vs. teacher basketball game, which will take place in March. Even though this event is next month, the students of the JCC are already planning everything. JCC member, Caitlyn Campbell has made a list of the things that the event will need for decorations. Not a lot of information is known about this event but the club is working hard to make sure the event will be successful.

From Tarini Calambakkam one of the admin for the event says “We’ve started to prepare for prom and it’s been fun so far many of the members that are part of this event have done an amazing job of starting early. I can’t really give too much information about it but be ready for it!”. 

Another member Justin Stephens adds in “Yes definitely be ready for it! Prom is going to be amazing and don’t forget to support us!”.

These are just a snippet of the fundraisers the JCC are doing this year. Make sure to support them and to stay tuned for any future events they might do!