Students are eager to participate in fundraisers to help pay for prom.

Isabella Rivera, Reporter

The Junior Class Council (JCC) has been making progress in raising money for prom. The more money they raise, the less tickets will cost for students.

For their fundraising efforts so far, they have designed and sold class tee-shirts, worked with companies to sell products on campus, sold Powderpuff tickets, and sold concessions at football games. As far as planning the prom, they have found the location, DJ, plates, and necessary prom items. They spend lots of time trying to make prom a fun experience that is worth going to.

Junior Class Council sponsor Ms. Janil Jesni said, “There is no ideal amount of money raised. We just need the student body to support us so that prom tickets will cost less. In the end by helping us they are helping themselves.”

In regard to different ways Junior Class Council can make money an anonymous sophomore said, “They could sell candy in the middle of the year, because no other clubs would be selling candy. I hope prom is fun and a night that I will never forget.”

So far class t-shirts have brought in the most money. JCC created the class t-shirts for freshman, sophomore, and junior classes. Over the summer they created the designs and wording for the shirts, and when they came back they sent them off to be produced.

Junior Daniel Cawley, who is a part of JCC, said, “I think JCC is doing well, it’s a slow process, but we will get the money we need. I think the student body is supporting JCC as much as they can whatever we end up selling or promoting; the student body supports us in a positive way. I personally would spend $95 on a prom ticket, but we [JCC] still have not made a price for tickets.”

JCC  is currently thinking about different fundraising ideas that are in the works. They should be ready in the third quareter of the second semester. The students basically do everything as far as coming up with ideas and executing them, but they do have the help of their sponsors and some teachers.

JCC tries to make it simple for students to support them. They sell tickets to entertaining events, and try to sell things that students want to buy. The total of about twenty people on JCC have been putting their time and effort into raising money for prom, and would love the support of the student body.