Jillian Lachcik

Jurassic World, the fourth movie to the Jurassic Park series, will be coming to theaters on June 12.
Photo By: Brea Jones, Photographer

 By: Jillian Lachcik, Reporter

On June 12, a follow-up to the Jurassic Park movies will be released in theaters worldwide. Jurassic World, a sci-fi thriller like the previous movies in the series, has earned considerable popular attention, and the official trailer has already gained millions of views.

The original Jurassic Park movie, released in 1993, focused on an isolated island on which a billionaire mastermind used prehistoric DNA to give new life to ancient dinosaurs. Over the years, the movie has received worldwide popularity and has grown to be a classic for some people. Jurassic World is anticipated to gain similar fame and worldwide popularity.

Junior Marina Arch says, “I don’t know if [Jurassic World] can top the original movie or the sequels, but it still looks like a pretty good movie.”

In the upcoming sequel to the Jurassic Park films, the fully-functioning dinosaur-themed amusement park, which is featured in the movies, has dropping visitor rates and fewer people are visiting the park. In an attempt to rekindle the public’s interest, a new attraction featuring prehistoric creatures is created. However, the attraction takes a turn for the worse when the aforementioned attraction backfires, putting people in possibly-fatal danger.

Senior Chris Fordham says, Jurassic World “seems really cool. It kind of seems like it’s building off the original movies but adding some different things to it as well.”

The cast for the movie will feature stars such as Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, and others. These cast members are completely different from the actors of the previous movies, but despite this, Jurassic World is still highly anticipated by many people.

Senior Shelby Futrell says, “I think Jurassic World seems pretty interesting. It’ll probably be really popular when it comes out just because it’s the sequel to a really popular franchise.”

The franchise of the Jurassic Park movies is wildly popular, even today. Video games, trading cards, and multiple awards such as Academy Awards have made the Jurassic Park series a favorite among many moviegoers worldwide. Jurassic World is, consequently, already gaining significant notoriety and fame as the long-awaited follow-up to the critically-acclaimed series.