Andrea Rivera Maldonado

Varsity volleyball prepares for victory against Deland’s Bulldogs.

Kenedy Musante

Another girls’ volleyball season has ended here at SHS, leaving another legacy of excellence. The renowned SHS Varsity team made it to the Districts competition this year, aided by four seniors: Mary Frabizio, Linnea Begar, Burgundy Walters, and Danelle Branch. Although they will be leaving SHS soon, the seniors are very proud of their final season, as it is their second time making it to Districts within their career.

“Being part of this program all throughout high school has been such a great experience. Starting on the freshman team and working my way up to a spot on Varsity shows my drive and determination I have for the sport,” said Begar.

During the pre-season games, SHS beat University, Lake Brantley, and Lyman High School’s teams. It was a great way to show our girls off at the beginning. During the actual season, the Lady Noles continued to dominate the court.

Students and parents throughout the entire season attended the girls’ games and cheered them on from the benches. The varsity girls even gained support from many of the varsity baseball players.

“It was always a blast to come out and support the varsity girls. Everyone on the baseball team enjoyed cheering them on and bonding with them,” said Varsity baseball player Daniel Hope. They even went the extra mile to assign a buddy to each varsity player and make t-shirts to wear to the games.

The season came with wins and losses, but the girls never went down without a fight. They ended their season feeling strong. The girls on the SHS Varsity volleyball team have made new friendships with one another. Their favorite team-building activities include going out to eat together before games.

During practices the girls are always ready to work hard. They’re always scrimmaging each other and critiquing their passing, setting, and hitting. It’s something that all the girls take seriously, as they know that if they’re working hard to get better, it will pay off in the long run.

“Being a sophomore on varsity, I’ve noticed that playing with older girls has helped me improve my technique and skill in a way that club volleyball can’t,” said sophomore Martina Arnaud.

The 2018-2019 SHS volleyball season ended in great triumph. The girls made third place in districts behind Lyman and Oviedo High School. The girls have shown great perseverance this year, although four outstanding players have to say goodbye. The remaining girls plan on coming back next year, better than ever–they don’t plan on going down without fight.