Gwyneth Katker

Seminole High School and Lake Mary High School battled on the field Friday the 30th.

Kruthi Munugeti, Reporter

Friday Night Lights are as exciting as always, but the Seminole students look forward to one game that takes place only once a year more than any other. The Lake Mary vs Seminole game is iconic and highly anticipated. On campus, school spirit shines even before game day with rival week and a gym pep rally. Boosting student participation and inclusion is an important factor in making the week and game a great one. 


On Aug. 24, SHS Principal, Dr. Jordan Rodriguez proposed a wager against our rival, Lake Mary High School on Friday. The dare challenged Principal Mickey Reynolds of Lake Mary High to a friendly competition over the Friday night game. The defeated team’s principal must sit atop the bronze ram in front of Lake Mary High School’s campus wearing their opponent’s jersey. The competition raised the spirits (and the stakes) of the student body at Seminole High School.


Students are excited about Rodriguez’s new initiative to introduce wagers to opponent schools to heighten school spirit. By investing everyone’s interest into the team, Dr. Rodriguez hopes to increase connectivity by uniting the student body through this common purpose. 


“I love the challenges because it brings excitement to our school and it urges all students to participate in the game even if it’s [at] Lake Mary. The game between us brings a better morale and enforces a better connection between our student body, because it makes us feel proud about being Seminoles,” said junior Justin Glazar. “The healthy competition between sports teams is a phenomenal idea that enriches sportsmanship throughout our campus.” 


Students also believe that by maintaining healthy competition between the two schools, or future schools to follow, allows students to learn to be humble winners.


“I feel like the competition is great! It is bringing a lot of attention to our school and the game, we are actually in the lead to be broadcasted on WESH-2 news on Friday for the second time, so that’s exciting,” said junior John Liston.


Seminole High School has recently been moved into a different district, that no longer requires the game between Lake Mary. LMHS, therefore, does not consider SHS to be their actual rival, and prefers Lake Brantley. However, Seminole plays against them for old times sake of continuing the tradition, and of course, an insured win. 


“I believe Lake Mary opened in 1982, but their football caches have made it known that this is no longer a rivalry for them, because they prefer to have Lake Brantley. The tweet is all in good fun, raises the spirit and adds an exciting element to Friday Night Football,” said Coach Mike Kintz.