Kierstin Phillips

Seminole’s boys lacrosse team plays against Lake Mary.

Gwyneth Katker, Photographer

Lacrosse is not just an ordinary sport to many of the athletes at SHS. For them, it is an outlet to express themselves and meet new people. With the passion that each of Seminole’s lacrosse players has for his or her sport, the team is bound to make its mark on the field. 

The teams greatly look up to their coaches because of the dedication they have to lacrosse. Coach Cary Cox is the boys lacrosse instructor, Coach Michael Millen is the Varsity instructor, and Coach Carly Gagne is the girls JV instructor. Whether Varsity or JV, the athletes give their coaches a great amount of respect. 

“Our coach [Millen] is a really great guy and pushes us to be our best,” said freshman Luke Williams.

Over the past month, the students have been on the field on every day of the week. Now that the season has started, they practice three times a week and have games during the two other days. During practice, they do exercises to help improve physical condition and they participate in stick drills to hone their skills and prepare for games. They also run through plays on the field and participate in scrimmages. 

This year, the pressure is on for Seminole’s lacrosse teams. Their top rivals include Lyman High School, Hagerty High School, and, of course, Lake Mary High School; these games yield the highest number of fans every season. The players are excited to see what this season has in store; they nervously anticipate whether or not they will be able to emerge victorious against these competitive schools. Although the Varsity boys team lost against Lake Mary and Hagerty last year, the teams hope to change that this year.

“The lacrosse team has definitely improved from last year since the team members have been working very hard since fall, and some even since the summer, to prepare for this season,” said sophomore Ximena Salazar.

While all of the athletes hope to have fun on the field, several also aspire to meet long term goals during their lacrosse career as well. For those interested in further pursuing lacrosse, their experience on the Seminole High School team will prepare them for their future endeavors, whether in college or professionally.

“I tried lacrosse because my brothers played. I plan on playing it in the future and hope to play it in college,” said freshman Cameron Jaffe.

Ultimately, each player is looking forward to showcasing their hard work during the season and improving from last season.