Myers' Family, (email)

[The following letter was provided by the Myers family]

Hello Seminole High School Community of Friends,

We wanted to take this opportunity to say “how much our family appreciates and values the kind words, the gifts of friendship and most of all the chain of prayers,” our family received during a tragic event that happened in our life.  Thank you very, very much.  We love all of you.

It all began in January, 2011, when Matthew was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, which is a form of bone cancer.  We were devastated with the news.  So many thoughts, so many decisions to make, we felt like we had lost control of our lives, and our feelings and emotions were put on hold.  We were consumed with planning everything around cancer.

From the moment the Seminole High Community heard about Matthew’s diagnosis, the baseball team stepped up to the plate and batted for him with a “head shaving” fundraiser.  It was a heartwarming experience that we will never forget.  The journey of love and friendship for our family continued with other fundraisers of selling t-shirts, a softball tournament, Route 46 party, a spaghetti dinner at Christos and the daily dinners provided to us when Steve and Matthew were home.  It was such an abundant spirit of support and such a team effort, we will be forever grateful.

We could not believe the outpouring of love and support with the “Welcome Back” for the senior class picture, the crowning of “Homecoming King” and Matthew’s “Comeback Pitching Debut”.  What a statement that made for Seminole High School.

Matthew has always portrayed a “win/win” attitude throughout this whole experience.  He continues to smile and lift up the hearts of other people.  He is a true inspiration.  He is inspired to spread the word of “cancer awareness,” and to encourage those in a similar situation to keep a positive attitude.

Thank you, everyone, for touching our lives with your love, friendship and prayers.  We are so Blessed to know you.

Love You All So Very Much,    

The Myers Family

Steve, Mary and MATTHEW