Izma Shakil

Senior Miguel Garzon holds up a flyer for his school positivity club, Inspire.

Michelle Arshad, Reporter

From the bright lights of the theater stage to the meaningful lessons of Inspire Club, Seminole High School is buzzing with one name: Miguel Garzon. The college-bound senior has been a determined, positive force of energy in SHS, organizing numerous community projects eto build his lasting legacy.

In school, Garzon has a bold image and persuasive mind. As freshman on campus, he knew that he wanted to make a striking impact on the school. Although he didn’t always know  what this project would be, Garzon was unwavering in his resolve to make his name and change the school. The perseverance led him to found his school positivity club, Inspire.

Inspire is a club that does not limit people of different hobbies, interests or beliefs. Instead, it accepts all people, no matter who they are, into a safe place to help people spark something inside of themselves. This spark is meant to show the person that they can affect the world and that they matter. The club motto, Ignite the Light, inspires future leaders and world changers.

“Inspire is simple. We ignite the light in people who have the ability to make a difference, but just need some outside support,” said Garzon. “Through Inspire, we hope to create a space in which students can feel safe to grow and build lifelong qualities and friendships.”

Garzon, aside from Inspire, also works with the Seminole High School Theater Company. Although his passion lies in directing and film, his love of creating allows him to construct beautiful sets that establish the tone of success for the school plays.

Junior Paige Riddle, who has been working with the art and tech section of theater since freshman year alongside Garzon, can attest to his passionate work in the role of art director. 

“He’s a very driven person and extremely passionate,” commented Riddle. “His work is always really well done and detailed because he does put a lot of thought into it. His personality and creativity shine through his leadership and products.”

Outside of SHS, Garzon also founded Creationz Street Theater Company, which recently conducted its first-ever street performance. In honor of one of Garzon’s favorite holidays, Halloween, Creationz kicked off the fall season with a lively flash mob in downtown Sanford.

“I talked to so many people and called malls, business, and a variety of companies to see if any sort of flash mob had been done yet. When I couldn’t find anything, I knew this was my chance to make history in Sanford, not just the school,” said Garzon. “I want Creationz to be for everyone. Not just for theater people. I want it to inspire and grow into something great.”

With a variety of successes attached to Garzon’s name, his personal victory is his biggest. Starting his journey and pursuing his passion as a freshman, Garzon may have been unknown but his dreams were big. From his impact in Seminole High School to his growth into the town of Sanford, Garzon wants to change the world with his creative mind and positive vision. Most importantly, he wants to encourage people to push their dreams and limits to achieve immaculate results.

“I am a child who came from nothing to something great. I was born with a rare heart disease, death was certain. I was a miracle child. I had no one to show me the path, I found the light myself. Growing up the way I did, if I could affect all these people, imagine what your dream could do,” said Garzon.