MegaCon is over this year, and it was a blast, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for next year!
Photo By: Aida Lashinsky, Videographer

By: Camila Mota, Copy Editor

On April 10, 2015, the popular MegaCon convention made a show-stopping opening day for its three-day celebration. The convention’s wide variety of activities and fan get-togethers are some of the many reasons behind MegaCon’s success this year. MegaCon, a convention that combines multiple genres and entertainment communities into an even larger social community, has been hosted in Orlando, Florida since 1993.

At this year’s MegaCon, thousands of fans wearing elaborate costumes and makeup designs flocked to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. MegaCon’s large network of fans allowed attendees of the convention to create new relationships amongst each other.

Junior Rachel Phan says, “Everyone can connect over the same interests. People even make their own costumes.”

Throughout the convention’s three-day schedule of events, fans have the opportunity to have photo-ops with celebrities from different genres of entertainment, such as anime or sci-fi fantasy. Many special guests at Megacon are well-known celebrities that aren’t necessarily restricted to the anime or comic books field of entertainment. In Megacon’s 2012 convention, actor Tom Felton from the Harry Potter film series attended meet and greets. The 2015 Megacon included photo opportunities with celebrities such as Hulk Hogan and Disney star, Danielle Panabaker.

Sophomore Julian Ibagon says, “Megacon is popular among those who aren’t fans of anime or comics because it has become a major event in mainstream social life. Actors and directors show up to these events and thus attract people who wouldn’t show up for the event.”

Megacon’s presentation of its diverse schedule of events within the large Orange County Convention Center allows opportunities for comic book creators and sellers, craft makers, hair and makeup designers, and jewelry makers to showcase their work. The convention’s floor plan illustrates how one corner of the convention center may include t-shirts and posters, while another corner may have author signings.

Junior Lily Cao says, “The [Megacon] community is [very much] intertwined, so through the same hobbies you are exposed to, you can form a lot of friendships.”

Each year Megacon brings its whimsical and unique portfolio of events and activities. Next year when Megacon comes to Orlando, make sure to keep an eye out for new quirky creations and events.