Jennifer Schmid

JV lacrosse captain Ximena Salazar is currently dominating the field, even though she moved from Mexico just two years ago.

Shafana Mohammad, Reporter

To many immigrants like Ximena Salazar, the United States is a land of many opportunities. Salazar, currently a sophomore in the IB program, is one of many who moved to the United States to take advantage of these opportunities. She moved to Florida two years ago from Mexico when her father’s job transferred her family here.

A major struggle that Salazar initially faced was the major differences between the American culture and her own Mexican culture. However, with time, she said she was able to blend both cultures into her daily life.

“At first, it was difficult to move to [a high school in] the United States because everything is so different and it was overwhelming,” said Salazar. “It was hard to adapt to a life in a different language, away from my family, and with such a different culture and food. Today, I feel comfortable with the American culture and being able to include part of my culture into my life.”

Coming into high school from Mexico was a difficult experience for Salazar because the school system in Mexico is only from tenth to twelfth grade. Another difference between the school systems that students were assigned classrooms and the teachers would be the one that rotated.

“[The different education system] impacted me when I first moved because it made it harder to adapt to a different system with a different language. School became very stressful and it was harder to get used it,” said Salazar. “With time, I started making friends and meeting people from so many different cultures, which I found so interesting and exciting, so eventually it was easier to adapt.”

Now, Salazar has fully immersed herself into her American life and plays an important role in our school as the junior varsity girls lacrosse captain. She has only been playing lacrosse since her freshman year.

“I was really excited to be selected as the JV Lacrosse captain because it meant that the team thought I could be a good leader and that they trusted me. I have been playing Lacrosse since freshman year and I would like to keep playing,” she said.

Salazar’s family continues to incorporate their Mexican culture into their everyday life by speaking Spanish at home and preparing Mexican dishes. Her and her family hope to share their culture with people who visit their home.

“We also try to share with others, like different manners and behaviors when they come to our house to share our culture.” said Salazar.

Like many who move from different countries to the United States, Salazar faced a few challenges. Nonetheless, she was able to adapt to the American lifestyle and enjoys her life here.