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Miley Cyrus dominated the top song charts in 2013, all the while singing with floating cats at the American Music Awards and twerking with giant teddy bears on MTV.  The sky is the limit for Cyrus’ upcoming tour Bangerz, which begins in February in Canada. Cyrus will continue to sing and twerk until the tour wraps up in June in Spain.

It’s no secret many people are eager to see what the star has in store. Billboard spoke to Cyrus and asked her to reveal the mysteries of her approaching tour. Cyrus said that her entire tour is based on animals and giving away a lot of merchandise.

Fans might expect Cyrus to incorporate items into the show that are reminiscent of other eccentric performers, like the immense and bold visuals. For example, the tour is said to include a massive screen that will present Cyrus’ singing throughout the entire show.

While her past tours have been successful, the Bangerz tour is expected to be the highest earner, with total sales approaching $100 million.

Sophomore Madison Moran said, “The tour seems to have a good reputation and it’s going to be very exciting. She’s a great singer and she’ll put on a good performance.”

Cyrus has been working with various experts such as John Kricfalusi and Marc Jacobs to create a one-and-only performance that screams “Miley.”  Kricfalusi will be aiding Cyrus in creating the imaginative animals that Cyrus is famous for.

Freshman Hope Kollar said, “I do expect the Bangerz tour to bring the same twerking moves.”

After Cyrus’ MTV Unplugged performance in January, the rumors began to grow even more. Will there be guest appearances? Will she have a new makeover?

Regardless of all the excitement, some people are not supportive of Miley and her actions. An anonymous sophomore said, “I’m not really a true fan of Miley…I feel that [Miley] is not a great role model.”

Cyrus has been criticized as well because of the rising prices of her tickets. She claimed that now she is  simply putting the money she earns into a show that is worthwhile.

Other key elements to the Bangerz tour are the opening acts Icona Pop and Sky Ferrera. Cyrus has previously defined herself as a feminist and that says she tries to fill her work environment with as many women as possible.

Sophomore Emmy Andrews said, “The first thing that comes to mind when someone is talking about her is that she has a lot of attitude.”

Cyrus has a lot on her plate to meet expectations with the new tour, which comes to Orlando at 7 pm on March 24. At the same time, she has already proven herself a strong and savvy performer.