Mallika Dave

The Miss SHS pageant has always been a longstanding tradition at Seminole.

Mallika Dave, Section Editor

As the annual Miss SHS pageant approaches, the Seminole High School faculty and the 2016 Miss SHS, Senior Trishna Khatri, are preparing for this year’s show, which will take place on March 29 in the KWC auditorium.

At this point, the judges have been selected and are currently in the process of determining which students will be able to compete for the 2017 title. The initial selection process is primarily based on the essay, which was turned in with the application and focused on participants’ goals for campus improvement. Later in the selection process, the essay will count as one third of the decision.

The Miss SHS pageant consists of three aspects: a talent-based part, an interview, and an essay. These components can gain an individual award; however, they also plays a role in the final decision. There are four winners overall, with the highest prize of $1000 being awarded to Miss SHS and $250 for the other participants.

According to senior Arige Shaukat, who participated last year, “There’s definitely a stigma around beauty pageants but I think Miss SHS is different because you’re surrounded by your peers. I won best interview and the scholarship money I won will definitely be significant in college.”

The point of Miss SHS is to allow girls on campus to gain a voice on campus and address issues they care about. The pageant allows a student to work closely with the SHS administration to work towards a cause. Last year’s Miss SHS Trishna Khatri chose to dedicate herself on campus by sprucing up the campus beautification project.

Khatri said, “Miss SHS gave me a leadership role, which allowed me to show my concerns about the campus and make a difference. With a more authoritative role, I can work more on issues I care about, such as campus beautification which is one of my main concerns.”

The title itself presents a great honor. In addition to being able to add it to a college application, Miss SHS opens up a gateway of experiences within the Seminole community.

Junior Simran Shah, who applied to compete this year, said “I want to do Miss SHS because I feel that it is a great experience that will allow me to use my voice to solve and help many issues around our campus and county.”

Miss SHS is a long standing Seminole tradition that continues to empower the unique women on our campus to express their concerns and bring about a change.