The 2015 participants for Miss SHS. Congratulations to NIRVA VASSA for winnning!
Photo By: Erin King, Photographer

By: Bobbi Zahn, Activities Manager

Every year, Seminole High School crowns a new Miss. SHS. In order to be a Miss SHS competitor, students have to complete an essay, talent competition, and an interview.

“I would like every group and organization to have a Miss SHS. My previous school had representatives in every organization. [I think Miss SHS should have] good character, [and be a] good SHS student that will be a productive citizen. People talk about GPA, but I think character is very important. Miss SHS represents SHS— that’s everything. That’s grades, morals, everything; I’m looking for a student who serves their peers,” says Dr. Orvie Mizzel-Bullock, administrator over Miss SHS.

However, there is an overall winner who receives a $750 scholarship. Each contestant must write an essay when they turn in their application. On the day of the talent show, each prospective Miss. SHS must go through a five minute interview with five or six judges. The judges use the interview to gauge contestants view on different issues. Each category— talent, interview, and essay— has a $250 prize.

“I was the overall winner. They asked about my essay, which was about uniting the school more. Throughout the entire process, [the contestants] got to see everyone’s talent, so you know what was going to happen. I wasn’t expecting to win so I blanked out when they said my name,” says 2014 winner, senior Grace Li.

The talent competition is open for anyone to come and watch. Students and parents come to support their friends as they perform their talents and anxiously await to see who the winners will be.

“[The talent competition] was inspiring to see how many different areas people can excel in. It was cool to watch people show their talents that I could never dream of having— such as going up and singing. They performed talent on stage and the contestants walked out [on stage for the final ceremony],” says junior Luke Ellis.

Not only is Miss SHS a scholarship opportunity for juniors and seniors at Seminole, but it’s an enlightening experience to see the different talents and diversity that makes up Seminole. The winner of Miss SHS embodies the positive aspects of Seminole students: talented, caring, supportive, educated, moral, thoughtful, etc. The competition was held on March 28, 2015 at 7pm in the KWC.

The 2015 Miss SHS is Nirva Vassa.

Miss SHS Winner