Misuse of Minimalism

Haden McMorrough, Contributor

Especially in city environments, the minimalist(making things very simplistic looking) trend is overdone and overused. Many city designers choose minimalist features for their cities, such as a minimalistic bench versus a bench with character which would be a bench that has certain features that are entertaining to look at compared to a bench that is just all black. Personally, I would rather sit on a bench that seems inviting than one that appears cold and dull. In cities, character brings people joy since it makes cities more human, and biologically more human feelings we experience the more connected we feel to one another with joyous feelings. Character in cities makes life not feel so monotonous and boring. The current trend of minimalism is causing many people to dislike living in such a minimalist environment. In the event that every street has a minimalist layout, there is no reason to live there.


We are even seeing minimalist logos in our society. A lot has changed about the logo of companies like Warner Brothers recently. Just a few years ago, most people could describe the WB logo as having a beautiful blue sky and a shining gold badge behind it. Nonetheless, they have changed the logo as of 2019 to only use white and blue colors. As a result, I am unable to distinguish it from most logos as of now.


Minimalism emphasizes focusing on what you need and cutting corners. This is really toxic for society since it promotes laziness in our everyday society, which could eventually lead to economic instability. When people lose the things that bring them joy and are replaced by a minimalist copy, this could lead to a distaste for the item. Another example of how minimalism is toxic is the fact that there will eventually be more apartments than houses. You can tell copious things about a person by the way the outside of their house looks, however, an apartment is bland and too similar to one another, and this in turn makes people lose joy in our everyday society. Minimalism causes more items to be created in order to replace previous items with character. This causes the things that are replaced by the minimalist trend to be tossed into trash dumps, this means that this trend is causing our planet to pile up more pollution in its air, land, and even water.


As a whole, I give the minimalism trend a 1/10. It is very bad for the environment, as well as for people who live with it all the time.A consequence of this trend is creating very boring cities nowadays. This trend is used to make life easier for people however it is not worth it since it just overall causes laziness in our society.