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The final installment of the Hunger Games movies began playing theaters Nov. 20, and many fans were hyped for how it would conclude.

Malavika Kannan, Reporter

The tributes of Seminole High School, as Hunger Games fans are called, have eagerly awaited the last installment of the film series: “Mockingjay- Part 2.” The movie was released on Nov. 20. However, some new developments surrounding the film may surprise hardcore fans, many of whom were unsatisfied by “Mockingjay- Part 1.”

The film follows the plotline of the second half of the novel “Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins. Protagonist Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, storms the tyrannical Capitol on a mission to take down President Snow, played by Donald Sutherland. Several beloved characters die during the violent, climactic end of the series. “Mockingjay-Part 2″ is directed by Francis Lawrence, who has directed each Hunger Games film since “Catching Fire.” The film received an 74% from Rotten Tomatoes, a popular critic review site.

Fans mourn the loss of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who passed away while filming “Mockingjay- Part 2.” Contrary to earlier publicity, Hoffman’s character of Plutarch Heavensbee has not been recreated with CGI (computer generated images); instead, his role was assigned to other characters within the story.

Despite the absence of a favorite actor, critics generally agree that Lawrence steals the show. “It’s a character that I love, and a story and message that I’m passionate about, so I haven’t managed to get bored,” says Lawrence to the publication Collider. But some fans do not feel the same way, after the release of “Mockingjay- Part 1.”

“I didn’t like how the whole [plot] moved so slowly. There wasn’t much suspense; you could always guess what was going to happen,” says freshman Sanjana Prasad.

Following the splitting of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, many young adult franchises have opted to make the last installment two-part. In fact, “Allegiant,” the last installment of the popular young adult franchise “Divergent,” will also be split soon. However, many moviegoers feel that the trend of splitting books was unnecessary for “Mockingjay.”

“When they split the last movie, I felt that the plot began to stray from the book’s story line to fill the extra space,” says freshman Megan Carroll.

Some fans feel that although the first two films succeeded in balancing the darkness of the plotline with gripping action and romance, the last two films strayed too far into depression. They feel that while the book “Mockingjay” certainly took on a darker tone, splitting it into two movies may have served to increase the monotony.

“It was split into two parts when in reality, by the book, there was not a lot of action. They should have split the second book, because it was a lot more action packed,” says Carroll. “[People] all expected it to drag on a little.”

However, some “Hunger Games” fans don’t mind the extra movie, even if it stretches the plot too much.

“I’m enjoying [getting] another movie, and they’re making money, so why not?” says junior Marco Terron Barreto. “But they picked a good point to divide the books. [Francis] Lawrence did a great job with that.”

Entertainment Weekly comments,“the movie feels less like teen entertainment than a sort of Hunger Games of Thrones.”

Despite the mixed reception of “Mockingjay- Part 2,” fans are excited nonetheless.

“I’m looking forward to action, emotion, and great acting from Jennifer Lawrence- she’s hot,” says Barreto.

Fans of “The Hunger Games” book series are particularly excited, because the film franchise has been notably true to the series in the past, with few plot changes.

“I hope that [“Mockingjay- Part 2″] is also true to the book, and we get to experience all of the emotions again. I want people to cry when they see Prim die,” says Barreto. “The transition from the Hunger Games books to movies has been the best of all of the young adult franchise.”

But as it turns out, “Mockingjay- Part 2″  might not be the last time fans explore Panem. Just as J. K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” franchise will be explored further in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Francis Lawrence is considering the possibility of future stories in Panem.

“It’s going to be an epic ending to a great franchise,” says Barreto.

The end of one of Seminole High School’s favorite young adult franchises is here, but fan reactions to “Mockingjay- Part Two” have not been all positive. The new movie has much to live up to, and much to make up for, but fans are excited nonetheless.