Brea Jones

Teachers should be appreciated more often for their hard work and dedication to helping their students.

Thu-Minh Nguyen, Reporter

Day-to-day, many teachers have to simultaneously deal with the unnecessary disrespect from their students and to educate them. Some of these students do not realize that their hardworking teachers come to school for their benefit and therefore show no appreciation for them. Being impolite towards teachers have been a prevalent issue in the majority of schools today.

Troublesome students tend to not care for their own education or the education of others. Speaking during class when not permitted to, not attempting to do work, or being disrespectful to their teachers are a few of the discourteous acts these students often do.

Not only are students impolite to their teachers, but they also have a lack of respect towards their peers which can disrupt class at times, making it difficult for teachers to educate other students.

“School is a public place that is made for education,” said junior Paula Le. “It’s an establishment that intends to be a respectful environment for everyone who attends so I should be able to be educated without the disruption of other students.”

Many teachers dedicate much of their time to helping students by putting forth information and resources for them to grasp the material. Some teachers also invest their time in tutoring students during after school hours.

With the amount of work teachers put into school daily, they receive little pay. The average annual teaching salary in Florida is $45,723 which has decreased in recent years, showing a clear indication that majority of teachers do not teach for the salary.

“We love all our kids, even the students who act out deserve love and attention, and of course, an education,” said teacher Kimberly Loiars. “I can’t speak for everyone but I persevere for the continued growth [of] all my students whether they’re the model student or the class clown. Teachers always have moments where they question their career choices, but as long as the good moments outweigh those, we know we are needed and appreciated.”

Having to maintain a handful of students while teaching them can be a stressful task, so all teachers deserve appreciation for the hard work they put into their job.

Being considerate and well-mannered towards everyone is important, no matter who the person is. Teachers should be appreciated for they are the foundation for the future and are only trying to guide students toward a higher education.