Isabel Gomez

The fellow lady Nole above is Riyanah. She likes to express her beauty through slight touches of make up.

Phoebe Sousa, Reporter

Students wearing cosmetics at school is neither good nor bad. Whether someone wears makeup or not is a personal choice; people do it for themselves and no one else. It doesn’t matter if females and males wear cosmetics or not; their choice is something that helps them feel at ease at school. Makeup is not something that characterizes girls or boys; rather, it is unique to each individual. Make-up is an art form and a legitimate pastime that may lead to career prospects and life satisfaction. Allowing youngsters to explore it at an early age provides them with the chance to improve their abilities to work with cosmetics. You are also possibly opening opportunities for them in the future. For most young students, wearing makeup is a way they can express themselves. Even if most people do not use cosmetics, they can all agree on one point: those who do, do it primarily for themselves.

Most students in high school try to hide defects in their features, such as acne, dark circles, or redness. Many like to avoid cakey or overdone makeup. Which is why most try to apply their makeup in the most natural way possible so that others don’t realize they’re wearing it. When it comes to most high school girls and boys, applying some mascara and lip gloss is the route they usually take.This has become a habit for most teenage girls to apply cosmetics in the morning, just as they would apply deodorant. 


Everyone should do what they want, and if that means wearing makeup, it’s great that they’re willing to do what they want, regardless of what others say. However, given the rise of stress-related mental health problems among teens, cosmetics should not be dismissed entirely. Makeup, rather than being a negative result of everyday stresses, can be viewed as a stress relief that can also serve as a creative expression.

”I do my makeup pretty simple for school, usually just something on my eyes and some mascara unless it’s a special event or something. I wear makeup because it makes me feel a more confident in my appearance and it’s honestly just really fun to do. I enjoy doing my makeup and I don’t wear makeup in order to impress anyone else, I do it for myself. I think that there is a misconception with makeup that if you wear it you are insecure about your appearance but that’s not the case for everyone, some people may use it because it makes them feel more comfortable and confident than they already are and might give them what they need to get through the day, which is understandable. I got into makeup when I was in middle school when I was super insecure about myself and I used it to cover up my acne, but since I’ve matured I’ve started using it to emphasize my features I am confident about, which is what I think makeup should be used for. I would say it makes me happy because it’s something I enjoy doing and it makes me feel more confident in myself!” Katie Swanson said. 


Beauty regimens, it turns out, may also provide significant cognitive advantages to the brain. When our brains can foresee what would happen next, we naturally feel less anxious and worried. This pertains to the application of makeup, as there is usually a routine involved, such as the sequence in which items are applied. In reality, your cosmetic items are most certainly categorized in some fashion, such as by usage or color. This cosmetics application method and organization might really provide us with some soothing effects.

Allowing youngsters to go to school with their insecurities hidden and their inherent beauty enhanced can only be a good thing. It’s the same mentality that we grownups have when we go to work with a full face and a power suit. Similarly, students might go to school with confidence, ready to ace their daily lessons.