Kayla DeLotte

Mr. Hernandez prepares his students for success.

Kayla DeLotte, Reporter

Advanced Placement Research is one of the newest additions to Seminole High’s list of offered AP classes and is being taught by Douglas Hernandez. This class is designed to teach the methodology of conducting a research paper and pushes students to step out of their comfort zones and consider new perspectives relating to the topics.

Perspectives in this course refer to looking at a subject from different point of views. Students are encouraged to look at a topic from economic, social, and political perspectives. This allows students to develop a stronger line of reasoning during the research process.

“He’s an amazing teacher who causes you to think in a completely different way and explore things that you haven’t explored before,” said Junior Kage Gardner.

Gathering information and verifying the pertinence and validity of that information are crucial actions that a pupil must be able to perform. In addition to written documents, each student is expected to have at least one expert advisor.

“Expert advisors are imperative to the AP Research experience,” said Mr. Hernandez. “Advisors make suggestions and ask open ended questions. These questions guide students to consider various perspectives and decide on the most appropriate methodology. Expert advisors are also part of the student’s oral defense.”

Many people may assume that an advisor is needed on a constant basis; however, this is not the case. A student and advisor should be able to contact each other when needed, which may be only a few times per month.

Over the summer, he had to attend a weeks long training course in order to assume his role as Seminole High’s first AP Research teacher. His training mainly revolved around the research process and being taught that the students are capable of carrying out more tasks than what they are given credit for being able to handle.

“The facilitators had an intensity about them and this translated into a week of immersion in the subject and productive work,” said Mr. Hernandez.

In addition to the teaching aspect of the training, groups of AP Research teachers have built relationships that continue to remain strong. They are able to bounce ideas off of one another and confer when questions present themselves.

“My favorite parts of teaching this class are the challenge, the planning, and the slight anxiety that spurns collaborative work,” said Hernandez.

Above all else, the students he has in the class are his favorite part of teaching it. He hopes that each pupil will be able to apply the skill set this course has provided and use them in college.