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Learn more about the new SHS chemistry teacher Jarrod Miller, and his experience so far!

Mariah Vaughn, Reporter

As the new school year has begun, students and teachers have started to learn more about each other. All teachers are excited to meet their students. This year, Seminole High School (SHS) has proudly brought on new teachers. One such teacher is Jarrod Miller, a new chemistry teacher here at SHS. He interacts with different grade levels as he teaches standard chemistry, AP chemistry, and Pre-DP chemistry. Miller seems very passionate about his job, talking about teaching with enthusiasm. Many students have emphasized how fond they already are of him. They enjoy going to his class every day to learn new things. The mutual respect between Miller and his students already shows that he is a great addition to the SHS staff. 

“This is my seventeenth year of teaching,” Miller shares. Before becoming a teacher at SHS, he spent six years at Lake Mary high school. 

He decided to come over to SHS after teaching at Lake Mary: “I wanted the opportunity to teach both advanced placement and IB. There aren’t many places you can do that and the opportunity was here, so I came here.” 

Miller has not always taught chemistry. He is experienced in a few other subjects as well. Before teaching chemistry, he taught several other sciences and tv production. Miller says he knew he wanted to become a teacher because of his wife. He explains that his wife, who is also a teacher, has been teaching longer than he has. After his wife had gotten into teaching, he stated I was jealous of her work schedule because they get holidays off,” such as summer and winter breaks.

Miller states that his favorite thing about being a teacher is helping students really grasp a hard concept after talking them through it.

“I like it when students finally understand a hard topic that they were having trouble with. Then, all of a sudden they get it because I explained it a certain way and they were able to get some perspective on it.”, expresses Miller.  

Outside of school, Miller has many interests and hobbies. In his free time, Miller enjoys playing piano. He also partakes in many outdoor-related hobbies. 

He shares: “I ride my bike a lot, in fact, I ride my bike to work. I like doing outdoor stuff like hiking and just being outside.” 

Despite the short time he has spent here, Miller has been enjoying his time teaching here at SHS. Miller shared his pleasant interactions with students and faculty. 

“It is a great school. There is a very chill vibe here and so far everyone has been really nice and helpful.” shares Miller.  He also shares that he went to FSU so the whole ‘Go Noles’ thing comes naturally to him.

Although he has not been here long, Miller has already added to the upbeat atmosphere here. Both students and staff are more than excited to have Miller here teaching at SHS, and hope to continue to give him a warm welcome.