Some student’s grades might be slipping, but there’s no need to fear, for tutoring is now here.

Bobbi Zahn, Staff Reporter

A new tutoring program at SHS allows students to get the extra help they need and to participate in activities after school. The tutoring occurs Monday through Thursday at 2:30 and ends at 3:30.

Assistant Principal Jordan Rodriguez said, “The program was created because SHS was fortunate enough to receive a grant that provides the funding […] to offer the program.”

There is a place for tutoring every day and each specific day provides a different after tutoring activity to help the students at Seminole. Limited transportation is provided at 5:40 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays and 4:40 on Wednesdays.

An anonymous student shared, “It has helped me raise my grade and understand the material that has been given to me […] it is a good program and helps a lot.”

The goal of the newly organized tutoring program is to help the students prepare for school and provide enrichment activities afterwards. Unfortunately, there are some downsides in this program.

Mr. Rodriguez discussed the pros and cons: “These extra opportunities will benefit students by allowing them to become more familiar with course content, which will in turn boost their grade and keep them on track to graduate. With limited staff after school, it can be difficult to ensure that all 200-250 students are doing what is expected of them.”

Tutoring is meant to help students with their grades and allows teachers to understand which concepts are harder to grasp than others.

An anonymous student said, “Yeah, it does help me out with understanding. You get one on one time (with the teacher) instead of one to 25 (at a time) because there are so many students.”

Seminole High School encourages students to participate in this program if they are struggling with their grades or if they’re struggling with credits. This program benefits everyone at Seminole High School and is a great opportunity for all students to get on track.