Rachel Lanspery

Sneak peak of Harry Styles’ new album cover!

Phoebe Sousa, Reporter

Attention all Stylers! If you have been keeping up with your Harry Styles feed, which I hope you have been, you might have come across the date May 20th. First off, for all of you Stylers out there need to be prepared for May 20th. Don’t miss out! Needless to say, if you’re a true Harry Styles fan, you should already know that what we have been waiting for has finally come! Harry has finally opened the doors to Harry’s House, the title of his third album. 

Prior to the release of the album, Harry released his new single on April 1st: As it was. The indie song was definitely a hit to fans everywhere.

Since you decided to continue reading this article, Stylers all over the world have been looking for any Easter eggs from previous songs that might give us a hint as to what we can expect from his third album.

Since Harry’s first album “Sign of times” was released back in 2017, Styles’ songs have only gotten better and his jaw-line only gotten stronger. If anything, Harry Styles’ jaw-line is the reason why I still believe in miracles. How could Harry Styles be so beautiful?! Is it the hair, is it the green eyes, or is it the British accent? What could it be! One thing is for sure, Harry Styles will never go out of Style! The way we listen to music, the way we dance to music, and the reason why bell-bottom pants will never go out of style is all derived from Harry Styles himself.

Let’s look back at the year of 2010, when we got a first glimpse of Harry with a mop on his head, singing songs about wanting to be a man, and not having any sene of  style. Now, fast forward a decade later and Harry is painting his nails, wearing dresses, and singing only the greatest originals of all time. Nevertheless, we all wish we had a relationship with Harry.

At least now, we can only understand why he has so many tattoos of past relationships that have changed his life. I, for one, only wish that he would add me to his list. 

Thank goodness One Direction has ended because now we can see more of Styles’ supporters than ever. If anything, Harry was in the shadows when he was part of the band.

Not only that, but ever since he cut his hair, we were finally able to see his gorgeous, green eyes and amazing jaw-line. Both the green eyes and smile that we were never able to see and take in. At least now I understand why Taylor Swift dated Harry for a long time. I mean, those eyes and that smile can take you on a journey. A journey we never want to escape. For one, Taylor Swift probably got lost in his eyes. 

Anyways, I am definitely looking forward to his new album. If it is anything like his single, I am an avid fan!