Kierstin Phillips

In spite of the new security policy, many ‘Noles have not been wearing their Student IDs. We polled students to find out why.

Gwyneth Katker, Photographer

The new Tardy Hero system that SHS implemented has met opposition from several students. Although the administration intends to improve school security and streamline the processing of student tardies, the challenge so far has been to get students to comply to the new policy by wearing their student IDs during the day.

Students are asked to wear their IDs to make them easily identifiable, which prevents strangers from easily blending into campus. However, many students do not actually keep their IDs on display. The Seminole Newspaper polled 40 students and found that a remarkable 95 percent of students reported not regularly wearing their IDs on campus. This is not to say that students are discarding their IDs altogether; many say that they prefer to just carry them in their pockets or backpacks.

“I think it doesn’t make sense because if we have them in our back packs or wallets, why should we wear them?” said freshman Savanna Kane. “We should have our IDs on us at all times for Tardy Hero and other things that they are needed for but, I personally think that wearing them is a little overboard.”

Students cite a variety of complaints against the ID lanyards, from fashion to discomfort. Some say that the lanyard hooks can rub uncomfortably against the neck, while others are  self-conscious of the school photos printed on the lanyards.

“I think because we are a public school and we don’t have an obligation to wear uniforms, students can wear what they want and not have their embarrassing photos dangling down from their necks,” said ninth grader Morganna Dutton.

While some students believe that this process is very unrealistic, some of the staff of SHS has been actively promoting the new policy. Dr. Francis Monroe awards extra credit to students who are following the new policy and wearing their IDs.

I thought it would be a good way to reward students for getting their IDs in time to comply with the new policy.  I only gave it one day, but I’m thinking of doing this again,” said Dr. Francis Monroe.

While the wearing of their ids is sure to be an adjustment for students, it should be noted that the staff at Seminole High School want students to wear their ids for safety and security reasons.

With such a new policy and process, getting all (students) on-board and engaged is going to take some reminding and encouragement.  While some students may not be complying with the new policy just because they do not see the point, many others may simply just not be in the habit of wearing them, where a little reminding might help.