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Learn about the new parking rules and what students think of them below!

Ahnaf Chowdhury, Reporter

It’s no secret that the 2022-2023 school year has brought with it a lot of groundbreaking changes for us Noles: a new principal, a new schedule, school news everyday! For those of us lucky enough to own our own cars and drive to campus on a daily basis, it has brought yet another change to the table: a new parking system. Here’s what you need to know:


  • Beginning this year, parking spots will no longer be assigned on an individual basis; instead, students who are authorized to do so (having paid for a parking pass and applied its decal to their vehicle) can park in any available spot (besides those reserved for seniors and faculty). As per the email sent out during summer break, this is due to “10-15% of the student population being absent on a given day,” with the change hopefully making parking more efficient, convenient, and generally less of a hassle. Remember, first come, first serve!
  • This year, keep in mind that only our seniors and faculty have their own reserved parking lots! Everyone else will have to duke it out (figuratively!) over the rest of the parking spaces, which are fair game.


IB junior Arav Gandhi holds a positive view of the shift, stating that he feels great about the new parking: “I believe it presents an improvement from the previous parking situation which lacked space for all juniors and seniors. In addition, I feel that it is more organized with proper sections for senior parking as well as a more organized method to purchase and pick up parking stickers.” 

On the other hand, IB junior Aryan Save holds a more mixed opinion, expressing a few gripes about the changes: “The new parking situation is certainly a new way to set up the parking in general, it kinda has some benefits that you always have a backup in terms of being able to park anywhere you want. But the only issue is that it becomes a little bit of a fight for the best scenario which makes it harder to park. Although, I do appreciate the fact that it’s easier to find a spot and park there rather than being assigned one and having to go through the issue of someone parking in your space or not being able to fit your car, etc. Just the fact that you may have to fight for the best is the negative side of things, but overall I haven’t had too many issues or don’t really think it makes parking harder.” 

Gandhi and Save’s respective viewpoints seem to be a very representative sample of the blend of opinions held by the diverse driving student population here at Seminole. Most people have concerns over the lack of a secure spot. With the new parking rules, fighting over parking spaces is now much more likely.

All in all, it certainly seems that the implementation of these new parking rules on campus has made a system, which previously had left a lot to be desired, more accessible, straightforward, and structured. As expressed though, the system is not without some unfortunate but inevitable compromises. However, given the benefits that the changes have brought, it is almost certain that these benefits outweigh the downsides. Ultimately, time will tell. Remember to always follow the schoolwide speed limit of 5 miles per hour, and be extra attentive in parking areas, particularly when backing out or pulling in. Drive safe Noles, and let’s kick this year into high gear!