Members of the red cross club are helping to give back to people that have been affected by many problems.

Samantha Flaute, Reporter

A new Red Cross club has been formed at Seminole High School with the intention of saving lives.

The club is composed of students who work in collaboration with the Greater Orlando Chapter of the Red Cross, which assists club in its mission of raising awareness through community outreach. Their goal is to allow the youth of America to better their community by relieving human suffering in tragedies across the globe.

Club founder Himashi Liyanarachchi was inspired by the mission of the original Red Cross, and hoped to bring this to SHS.

“I wanted to help spread their kindness and consideration to others. I have always wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, as do many other people, so I helped create this club with the intent of helping other students achieve their goals of committing acts of kindness to those in need,” said Liyanarachchi. 

Destiny Ukachukwu, the club Treasurer, hopes to increase solidarity among students at SHS.

“It is a fun way to give back to your community and help improve it by completing group projects and raising awareness, all in association with an amazing international organization,” said Ukachukwu.

All students are welcome to join the club and work with the Red Cross to help make a difference in their community while earning community service hours for every meeting they attend. In addition, students can develop strong leadership and communications skills and become empowered with life-saving emergency response skills.

“Having the opportunity to experience these valuable skills and life lessons while spreading awareness is definitely worthwhile,” said Red Cross Club’s Secretary Katerina Karamanis.

Their next mission is “Holidays for Heroes,” a project that involves students making and sending holiday cards to veterans who are away from home during the holiday season.

Sonal Mohan, the club’s Vice President said, “It matters that we help those in need and support those who need support. We are all part of the community and it’s essential to give back to each other.”

Students interested in joining the Red Cross Club can join Red Cross Club meetings which are held in Health Academy Room 207.