Florida soccer fans love to cheer for their hometown team: Orlando City Soccer.

Andrew Miller, Staff Reporter

The word football in America draws connotations of a hard-hitting gauntlet of world-class athletes. A misnomer, the word was borrowed from its original titleholders in England, who, in fact, actually play the sport with their feet.

The other type of football is growing increasingly more popular throughout America. Soccer-only stadiums are popping up all over the country and the number of fans is growing.

Orlando City, a professional soccer club in the USL Professional Division has also gotten in on the expansion. Founded in 2010 belonging to the third tier of American professional soccer, Orlando City’s fan base has grown steadily since its inaugural season.

The sport’s growth has not reached every corner of our country, as it still remains on the less-popular side of team sports. “I’m not a huge fan of soccer but it’s played all over the world. It would be interesting to see it here,” senior Eric Riley said.

Not long after its formation, the club received attention following a victory over the English Premier League powerhouse Newcastle United two years ago in 2011.

Rumor is that Orlando is trying to bring an MLS soccer team to the city. Although it seems overly ambitious, the notion that fans care enough to lobby around a team gives hope for the future of truly spreading the sport worldwide.

Junior Gabriel Batista said he would like to see a pro soccer team in the city. He admitted, “It would be nice to have an MLS soccer team to support because I love soccer but Orlando City is a good step for now.”

Senior Lauren Myers opened up, and explained, “A professional soccer team in Orlando would be a great way to bring the city together.”

The implementation of professional soccer teams has steadily grown throughout this country, and it is encouraging that it may one day be a staple much like the rest of the world.