Ava Flaute, Reporter

Seminole High School’s pink out themed football game and tailgate was an amazing way to end our very successful football season and a great way to bring awareness to the month of breast cancer. The pink out tailgate was hosted by our wonderful schools leadership team onFriday, October 29th. There is no doubt that leadership put all their hard work into making this tailgate happen.

The tailgate began at 5:00pm in the Senior parking lot. Everyone came dressed in all pink, some with pink handprints, facepaint, and ribbons to support breast cancer awareness month. This tailgate was hosted to show our Seminole support to those fighting and those who survived or fought the challenging battle of breast cancer. Students could come to the gathering to get free pizza or to just hangout with their fellow peers. It was heartwarming to see a whole community join together to show their support.

Seminole High School Sophomore Kiley Stackpole expresses “the tailgate was very enjoyable, and it was fun to see everyone’s different outfits in support of breast cancer. The game after the tailgate was super thrilling and although it rained for some of the first quarter it was awesome to see that no matter rain or shine we will still show support to our team and our breast cancer fighters.”

The pink out tailgate was a huge success as people brought all of their friends and enjoyed time together while supporting their team and our survivors. Our students enjoyed munching on some pizza, listening to music, and playing some fun games put together by our leadership team. It was so great to see our student body come together and play games and support their school as a whole. It was inspiring to see all the different ways students showed their support to the team and to our unwavering breast cancer fighters. Some students represented the school and breast cancer all in one by wearing their Nole Nation Pinktober t-shirts the leadership team was selling. Some students put their own twist on it and wore past years pinktober shirts or wore a pink shirt with some face paint line or a face painted breast cancer ribbon, and some students even wore a breast cancer ribbon attached to their shirt.

Shortly after the tailgate, the last in-season football game occurred against Deland High School. The fame was especially significant as it was also Senior Night for our Varsity Football players, who experienced their last in-season game.

 Although it rained for a few minutes in the first quarter, this did not stop the entire student section and most of the parents/friends from showing their spirit and continuing to cheer on their school team and our breast cancer warriors. This night ended successfully with another win and a proud score of 38-11, a great way to celebrate our Seniors and breast cancer awareness month.

Seminole High School Junior Allyson Anderson says “I am happy I went to the pink out tailgate and our last football game. I was able to enjoy a fun time with my friends, have some good food, play games with the rest of my class and student body, and at the end of the night celebrate our team’s victory against Deland High School. It was a wonderful way to end the 2021 football season.”

Based upon the students’ reactions to the tailgate, it was certainly a fun experience. Many were grateful for getting the opportunity to experience this event. Congratulations to the football team as well!