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By: Killian Johnson, Reporter

With the return of fall comes the return of television shows that have been off the air since spring. Shows like American Horror Story, The Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead, all return this October. Something all of these shows have in common are the interest they spark in teenagers.

Senior Myles Vaughn says, “American Horror Story?! It’s so good, it’s probably one of the greatest horror shows ever produced. I think the new season is going to be pretty good, it is always exciting for a show to come back but it will be hard to top the first and second seasons.”

For those who have never seen or heard of American Horror Story, each season has a different plotline with different characters. The one thing each season has in common is the horror that is intertwined in each episode. They use the same actors each season, but because of the changing plotline, they all get a new role.

Many television shows these days have the same plot going on throughout many seasons, but because American Horror Story has a new story each season, it sets them apart from many other shows. American Horror Story aired Wednesday October 8 on FX.

Another show that returned this fall is The Walking Dead, which aired on October 12th. This show is set in a world where a deadly virus attacked the majority of the population and turned them into “walkers”; the story follows a man named Rick Grimes and his very small group of survivors.

Junior Nicole Wills says, “I really like The Walking Dead, I skipped around the episodes, but I can’t wait for season five! I’m super pumped, I love Micchone, I wonder what happened to Beth, there are so many questions left unanswered and I can’t wait to see what happens!”

Last season on the Walking Dead, Rick’s group of survivors were left on their own after a huge conflict with another group of characters. Season five will hopefully answer some of the questions the fans have for this show.

Another popular show that returned is The Vampire Diaries. Instead of this being a scary show that follows nasty vampires that go around on killing sprees, this is a love story that follows Elena and her two love interests who happen to be vampires, Stephen and Damon.

Sophomore Nicole Saporito says, “I want to watch The Vampire Diaries, I’ve always heard of the show but never actually watched it on TV. I can’t wait to start it on Netflix. I saw a picture of Damon, he is definitely my favorite!”

All of these shows are definitely making a large comeback this fall, as well as a few others such as Scandal and Criminal Minds! Stay tuned for these new seasons and the excitement they are sure to bring to fans.