Band students are proud to represent The Pride of the Tribe with their new shirts.

Jennifer Schmid, Photographer

After much tribulation, the Seminole High School band has decided on their band theme for this year: Latin jazz. This means that all of the songs played at the halftime show emulate this genre of music. Band director Cheyne Labonte chose this theme in the hopes that its energetic sound will be able to pump up the crowd at football games and add a spirited sound to the halftime show.

Every four or five years the band puts on a Latin show, which is the epitome of marching band music: loud, powerful, and bold. Performing it approximately every four years ensures that everyone who participates in band has a chance to play this kind of music since it is a challenging and formative genre for band students. The last time Seminole High had a Latin themed year, Labonte was a Seminole student himself.

“Jazz is a big part of American music, so it’s important that the kids get exposed to that,” said Labonte.

The songs the band will be playing include “Conquistador,” “Children of Sanchez,” and “One More Time Chuck Corea.” The marching band and Dazzlers, known collectively as the Pride of the Tribe, have synchronized their halftime choreography to these songs.

Labonte also considered having villains or darkness as a theme. However, he chose Latin jazz because the band has not performed it in a while, and he thought it would suit the tone he hopes the band will have this year.

The choice in theme was met with approval from the band members. While some students struggle with the fast pace signature of Latin music, others find this pace exciting to play, enjoying the energetic and jovial aspect of the theme.

Band students have worked diligently during the summer band camp and weekly after-school practices to ensure that they can master their set before football season begins. They work on marching fundamentals, halftime music, and stand music during these practices in order to do so. They also bonded with their instrument section and learned the opener to the half time show during the summer camp. Both new and old band students are hoping to make this year one of their best yet, pushing themselves harder than ever to master the fast pace and tempo. 

Senior Victor Towns, a saxophone player, said, “I have been through a lot in the band program and it’s all coming to a close.  It went by faster than I expected it to, so it’s bittersweet in a sense. I make sure [that] every single moment, whether it’s practicing, or at the games, I give it all I’ve got.”

The band has practiced harder than ever to master this difficult music genre. They hope the audience will enjoy the music as much as they do.