Now that the government is not in the business of sending people to space, private companies seem to be popping up all over the country.

Andrew Miller, Staff Reporter

Fifty years ago, if you would’ve told anyone involved in the development of America’s space program that entrepreneurs would be joining their side, they’d give you an odd look.

However, that is precisely the accomplishment that many people involved have to brag about.

The evolution of spaceflight has evolved over the years into something we could have never imagined; not only have we expanded our horizons into the last frontier thanks to a strong governmental backing, but now the industry has shown encouraging signs of privatization.

The possibilities are endless, and seeing the way we’ve improved our technology and knowledge exponentially since the early years of space exploration only adds to the encouragement.

Arguably, the most famous example to date is private space transport company SpaceX’s launch of the unmanned Dragon capsule on May 22, 2012. They became the first privately-funded organization to launch a spacecraft to the International Space Station.

The idea that private companies coexist with NASA make for a friendly competition.

When asked about this expansion and coexistence, senior Jon Haas replied, “I believe it is quite necessary. America prides itself on being a country of innovators, of scientists, of educated minds. Due to the current administration cutting off massive amounts of funding to NASA, we’ve lost part of our capability in showing the world just how important innovation, science, etc, is to us.

He further added, “Without private companies, especially those based in America (such as SpaceX), America would be lagging behind the rest of the world heavily in the pursuit of exploring space, and moreso, increasing our knowledge of just who we really are.

An anonymous sophomore also added, “Privitization is the key to truly learning the industry.”

Senior Christina Rozzo disagreed, stating, “It’s sketchy because it’s probably a company that isn’t highly experienced. Look how many attempts it took for NASA to get everything down.

This holds truth, as it took NASA years and years of trials and a few tragic accidents to perfect space travel. Either way, the brave work of our government and recent private companies  will continue to pave the way for exploration.