Gwyneth Katker

Prom can be very expensive, so to help with costs, some students prefer to do their own hair and makeup.

Mansoor Esfandieyar, Photographer

Prom is around the corner, and while students figure out what to wear and who to go with, they find that getting ready can be an overwhelming experience. Girls, in particular, seem to have multiple tasks that contribute to their readiness for this special day. This lengthy list includes taking care of their hair, makeup, nails, skin, and more. The following advance planning tricks and hacks will help students evade last minute preparations and save money and stress in the long run.

1. Make a List, and Check it Twice!

Preparing in advance always leads to a more successful outcome no matter what your goal is. Therefore, in order to avoid last minute readiness before prom night, creating a checklist a month before prom will allow a student to get everything finished in a timely manner.

2. Suit n’ Tie (and dresses too!)

Finding the right dress or suit can be very stressful because there are many choices, and attendees want to match with their date. More importantly, most students are on a budget, and finding the right dress for the right price is never simple. However, discovering websites or locations that allow you to rent a suit or dress is the best way to save money and find the perfect outfit such as Rent the Runway for dresses and Men’s Wearhouse for suits.

Senior Sahil Kapadia said, “Men’s Wearhouse is honestly a great place to shop for suits because you have the option to rent a variety of suits that are more on the expensive side, but you also have the option to purchase suits for a reasonable price.”

3. Deals for Wheels!

Getting a ride can also become a hassle for many as most students want to ride in a limousine– an expensive ride– on their way to prom. Typically, one student will rent the limo and ask other friends to tag along. However, if the cost of the limo is split between multiple people, the cost of the ride will become more affordable.

4. Just Go With The Flow(ers): Corsage and Boutonniere

Matching with one’s date is an integral part for looking great when taking pictures. The most common way is to get matching corsages and boutonnières. Although it can be difficult for students to find matching corsages and boutonnières, the Flower Studio is currently offering a special where custom-made corsages and boutonnières are sold for $50. As they are custom-made, the Flower Studio can make sure that students will match with their dates in a unique way.

Senior Simran Shah said, “I know that [it] is typical for prom dates to match– with the guy wearing a tie that matches a girl’s dress– but I did not know that people get matching corsages and boutonnieres.”

Using these tips, SHS students can eliminate the typical prom stress and hassle in order to truly stand out as the star of the evening.