Izabella Aquino

As prom season is in full spring, many ladies have gone dress shopping, looking for the perfect dress!

Fiona Luzano, Reporter

Attention all students, you better get your gowns and suits altered because prom is just days away! This year, the event will be held on April 9th at the Swan and Dolphin Resort located near Walt Disney World. As for the theme, Seminole High School (SHS) has decided to go with Welcome to Miami, and we’re all looking forward to it. Nonetheless, the theme perfectly correlates to the venue. With the colors, the structure, and the vibe. 

The price for prom will start at  $75, but will eventually increase to $90. So, if you really want to save money, purchase your tickets before the price rises. Needless to say, students can purchase through MySchoolBucks. Each student is allowed to buy two tickets. The admission price will include the dinner. Dinner options are chicken, steak and vegetarian. Unlike last year, juniors can also attend and Seminole students can bring students from other schools to prom, but they have to be approved by the school before they can purchase their ticket. Unfortunately, there are  no refunds for the unapproved guests, so make sure to get approved before buying one! The event will start at seven in the evening and end at around eleven. 

Voting forms for prom king and queen will also be out next week. Seniors are the only ones who can vote, but all opinions will be valued! Seniors vote for who they want to be their prom king and queen, and the winners will be announced during prom. Students can promote their friends so more seniors can vote for them. 

Many have purchased or planned what they are going to wear. Health academy student, Miracle Gray, says:“I started dress shopping I think two to three months ago and I just found my perfect dress last weekend and I’m very excited because since the start of high school this is one of the events I have been waiting for. I admit it has been stressful trying to find that perfect dress but I think it will be worth it. So let us hope that everything turns out perfectly and that the night will be memorable.” 

Most people want to stand out during prom so they try to get something unique so they have a low chance of wearing the same thing as others. For some they are still hunting for that perfect dress or suit and reminder they only have almost one week left.

 A senior student, William Anderson says: “I still have not purchased my suit yet, I don’t even know what I am going for. It is stressful and I want to make my last prom a good one. I need to get my suit this weekend so I can get something that I like. Hopefully, I find one that is not rather basic.” 

Since this year’s prom will be open to both juniors and seniors, many juniors are very excited.  Health academy student, Sara Parra, says “This is going to be my first year that I can attend prom and I am very excited because this year I have many senior friends and this is one of the last events that I can enjoy with the seniors. I have already bought my dress and I plan on getting ready with my friends. I am still trying to find my accessories and what kind of makeup look I am going for. I am really excited that the venue is at Swan and Dolphin resort because I saw the area and it was beautiful.” 

No date, no problem! You’ll still have the time of your life! Just make sure you enjoy the night because this is one of those nights that you’ll always want to remember.