Fiona Luzano, Reporter

The long-awaited prom has finally passed. Let’s recap prom day, shall we? If you did not already know, the Junior Class Council (JCC) was the one in charge of setting up this year’s prom at the Swan and Dolphin World Resort at 10 am. They were split up into two main groups for setup. One tackled the balloons and the other tackled making the centerpieces. Making the centerpieces was a very tedious job; every centerpiece had to be presentable because everyone attending the prom saw them. 

According to Armitha Gagganapally, an IB Junior working on the Junior Class Council, there were only about 15 students who helped set up prom: “Honestly at the start, we thought we could not do it since there were only around 15 of us. I’m going to be honest it was a stressful day, but the JCC pulled through because we know we wanted this prom to be a good one, especially for the seniors. I would say we started at around 10 [in the morning] and did not finish at around four in the evening. It was fun, but also stressful because everyone attending prom was counting on us to pull through and make the setup [look] good. I helped make the centerpiece. At first, we did not know what to do or how to make it look good but we figured it out along the way. I would say all the stress paid off because prom was good and I also heard from others that the setup was really good, which makes me  proud. Hopefully, seniors enjoyed their last prom. We, as Junior Class Council, hope that it was memorable.”

Some students started to get ready as early as noon. They started their makeup and started to go to the venue early so they would not be late. Traffic was an issue, and if you waited until the last minute, then you might have been stuck in traffic. Around the venue, students were seen taking their pictures, posing by themselves or with their significant other and friends. 

At 6pm, the check-in began. Lines got longer as time went on. To ensure security, they asked for one’s name and gave the meal paper so the hotel staff could know what you wanted for dinner. Before going inside, bags also had to be checked. After finally getting inside, students had to choose where and who to sit with. When you got to the table, a salad was already there along with a glass of water and a key lime pie on the side. After dinner was over, the actual party began.

This year, the DJ played the music for students to dance to. Meanwhile, the royal court for Prom was announced. Prom Queen is SHS senior Katelyn Pike and Prom King is SHS senior Alexander Plant. The rest of the night was spent with students dancing on the dance floor. The night ended emotionally, with seniors tearfully dancing to the last song. The realization that their high school years were over finally hit.

William Anderson, a senior, says, “I honestly did not think I would get emotional but right when the DJ said that he was gonna play his last song, it hit me. It is sad that this will be my last dance, my last memory at SHS.” 

It is safe to say that this year’s prom ended successfully, with both seniors and juniors enjoying the dance. It was important that it would be successful because it was the first official, reserved prom after COVID. SHS got to send the seniors off with a successful hurrah!