Students often need a nice nap after AP exams to recharge.

Krishnan Sethumadhavan, Editor-in-Chief

Far too much ink has been spent on telling students how to practice for AP exams, but very few people have written about how to decompress after AP exams. These end-of-course examinations are more stressful than many think. Weeks upon weeks are often spent in preparation with these exams, with practice exams and review books being a common site around campus during the month leading up to the exam. Teachers also tend to push the AP exam as a big deal because it can often give a student semesters’ worth of college credit, not only saving time but money as well.

After all of the hard work and preparation, however, students can often feel burnt out and overworked once the exam finally ends. Luckily though, the school excuses students for the entire day of their exam. While this cannot be seen as official permission from administration to leave school after an exam, many students do choose to go home.

Senior William Allgood said, “I’m going to Chipotle with some friends and maybe catch a movie that weekend.”

If this is the choice made, it is important to take advantage of the remainder of the day of the exam to take a small power nap in order to relax after a long and sometimes tedious test. After the nap, eating a good meal can make recharge the body’s batteries and prepare the mind for the next day (and other possible APs). Watching a movie or a favorite TV show can also provide a welcome respite from the intellectual stresses of the AP exams as well.

Sophomore Robert Blaine said, “I try to relax as much as possible to get ready for exams later on.”

It is important, however, to not attempt to cram for future exams at the last minute. This is not to say that studying for an hour or so is not beneficial, but staying up till twelve o’clock in the night with a book in hand can only hurt more than help.

Junior Albert Solomon said, “I like to work out to blow off some steam and maybe read a good book. I try to stay away from studying though.”

After all of the exams are finished, congratulations are surely in order. Take the weekend off to go to the beach with some friends or family. The beach can be a great place to get away from the stresses of an academic life and are a perfect place to lose yourself in the beauty of nature and to remember to get ready for the same process next year!