Brittany Swartout

Valentine's day is a day for everyone to celebrate; even the single people.

Natalie Lambert, Staff Reporter

In life and the entertainment world, the portrayals of single people are not always the best. Society seems to prefer couples and love to independence and freedom of self. In fact, if someone’s Facebook status isn’t “In a Relationship,” people automatically assume they must be lonely and in need of a date. Is it safe to say that society is being blinded by the “supposed” need to be with another person?

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being single unless you are mistreated by others while you are wanting for a partner. People, or couples are obsessed with each other and when they break up it’s the end of the world,” said freshman Ahyeon Choe.

Single is viewed nowadays as lonely and unsatisfactory. People who are in a relationship fear getting out of one and people who aren’t in a relationship want to find that significant other as soon as possible. By jumping at the opportunity to date someone rather than be single, both men and women will take anyone over the option of being alone. Rather than face not going on romantic dates for the weekend or cuddling up to that significant other, people will dive headfirst into a relationship they don’t want. Why? Maybe to satisfy either the need to feel wanted or the fear of being the only one that’s not taken.

Even statistics regarding being single versus being taken seem to lean towards dating rather than the single life. It’s proven statistically that marriage can make someone happier, dating promotes better health, and dating/married individuals are less likely to drink, smoke, get headaches, and have less mental issues.

Psychologists have even stated that marriage and relationships are one of the top happiness factors-everyone wants to be in love right? Or is it that everyone feels less pretty or desired if they aren’t wanted by someone?

The entertainment world of movies, books, and music seems to favor the aspect of love. Never do people see movies about strong individuals who don’t need a man/woman in their lives. However, there is definitely a world’s worth of love stories—romance has its own movie and book genre. Society would rather watch or read about a love story than someone who only needs themselves to be truly happy.

“In the media singles are usually portrayed as fun-seeking, some however are portrayed as loners,” said sophomore Fin Stokes, and continued, “According to the media, they portray couples to be more desirable but sometimes they portray the single life to be better.”

Even popular artists such as Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and Usher center their music around relationships. No one wants to watch a movie about a nice single woman or hear a song about a single guy who’s happy he isn’t with anyone.

However, despite the entire craze over love and relationships, is being single really that bad? The single life still gives freedom to whoever chooses to live it! There is no buying expensive valentines and birthday gifts for that significant other, and there is definitely no settling for whoever is available. It allows you to find time to find oneself and not need another for happiness. In a way single is more than okay—it’s finding who you are without someone else.