Natalie Lambert, Content Manager

Drones are becoming a popular device in America. The American government is beginning to place drones in foreign countries such as Pakistan.
Photo By: Brea Jones, Photographer

By: Natalie Lambert, Content Manager

The United States has issued a rise in drone strikes within foreign countries. The consequences of the strikes are most noticeable by the populations of the countries affected by the drones and the havoc they wreak in foreign affairs.

“Here’s the problem with it: they can be beneficial in some ways, if we have a clear mind of the target, but there are so many innocent bystanders that get caught in the crossfire that it causes more deaths for bystanders than it does for actual targets,” says senior Meghan Blanks.

The use of drones are prominently used in the Middle East, specifically in Pakistan and areas where targeted terrorist groups are suspected to be located. The drones are claimed to be put in use solely to protect American citizens and create a safer way of finding terrorists within other countries.

Despite these claims, drones are responsible for the harbored feelings of anger towards western civilization. Many Middle Eastern countries feel that the use of drones encourages mistrust of the average citizen and a stigma of fear within the country. Often, drone targets are responsible for the deaths of many innocent citizens in foreign places where citizens were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Just like it would be here it’s an invasion of privacy no matter where they are located. When it’s just to spy on innocent people hen I don’t think it’s appropriate, says teacher Mrs. Tiffany Ortiz.

Those that live with the constant reminder of drones often have family members, friends, and even neighbors that have been severely injured or killed by drone strikes. Strikes are random and can occur at any time with no knowledge given to innocent citizens previously before the attack. Not only this, but the fact that drones are often not easily seen and hidden within the sky, inspires a deep rooted fear within average citizens who aren’t aware when they are and aren’t being monitored by American forces.

“I think they should stop meddling so much in foreign affairs and be less violent when it comes to warfare,” says junior Lawson Vienneua.

Multiple groups are speaking out against the usage of drones in modern society. With time, perhaps the dangerous use of drones will be withdrawn from the world, and a safer way of targeting alleged criminals will be discovered.