Seminole is more than just homecoming and prom!

Alexander Torres, Reporter

Think that homecoming and prom are the only events to look forward to this year? Well, they will be more events here soon.

Attending Seminole High School football games is a great way to feel the Pride of the Tribe. Students can show their Seminole pride by wearing orange and black apparel as well as accessories to the games. Don’t forget, students can wave their arms and sing along to the Seminole Tribe alma mater.

As senior Evan Murray said, his favorite events at Seminole are the football games, which he enjoys because of “the momentum of the game.” As for senior Sabrina Phillips, a football game is engaging because one can “participate in it” as an “athletic trainer.”

What does the Pride of the Tribe sound like? Listen to the Seminole marching band perform at the football games.  The talented Seminole band marches down to the stadium with its upbeat drum-line and other musicians. Later, the band performs at the half-time show.  During the game, the band plays tunes that will keeps students stimulated. Students can listen and sing with the Pride of the Tribe by waiting until the end of the game for the Seminole alma mater.

Powderpuff is the event for gals interested in football and guys interested in cheerleading. By being part of the Powderpuff team, guys train to become cheerleaders and girls steal the show playing football.

To get everyone ready and excited for the football games, Seminole has several pep rallies throughout the year, which include music, games, and student-speakers that discuss about upcoming events at Seminole.  Students enjoy watching classmates dance in the school courtyard outside of the cafeteria. For some students, the best pep rallies take place at the Seminole stadium, known for the teacher dance-off. Whichever teacher is cheered on the most is the winner. Last year, teachers Mr. Manhar Dalal and Mr. Adam Bransfield showed their dancing skills to the tune “Gangam Style,” which made them crowd-favorites at the pep rally.

Near the end of the year, seniors have their own, exclusive Senior Week; on the last day of that week they have a senior picnic. The senior picnic is not the typical picnic. The event, held in the stadium, features bounce houses, games, and other activities that are non-academic. During Senior Week, seniors dress up according to different themes. One of last year’s Senior Week themes was to dress up as actual “senior” citizens.

Students should participate in the events for an exciting year. Remember, events include Seminole football games, Powderpuff, and Senior Week.