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The racers at the SAC Cross Country Championships work hard to reach the finish line!

On Friday, October 27th, Seminole High School (SHS) went toe to toe with their biggest rival in football: Lake Mary High School. After winning the game and bringing home yet another resounding victory, another event followed the football game. On October 28th, at around 7 in the morning, SHS’ very own cross country team took off in a championship game against the other high schools in our district. From campuses as close as Lake Mary to those as far as Oviedo, we faced off in a long competition, yet again vying for another win. 


The boy’s cross country teams took off first, taking winding paths and mid-level slopes as they pushed to reach the finish line following three laps. Nole’s kept a steady pace, keeping ahead of the lower ranks and pushing to be faster. 


Kaden James, a junior on SHS’s cross country team, gives us an inside view of a runner’s life after completing his race. “I’ve been doing cross country for three years now, and it’s been pretty fun. I joined the team because I’d heard of the fun atmosphere, and I think it’s pretty cool that I keep getting better times and I’ve been improving since when I first joined. I think my favorite part about being on the team is just how we mesh together so well despite having different personalities, but everybody’s just super fun to hang out with and be around.” James was also one of the first members of Seminole’s team to complete the course, which, naturally, came from the effort and hard work he put into his race timing. 


All while the boys were racing, the female cross-country teams were warming up on the field. As the boys finished their course, the girls were preparing to take it on for themselves. The sun was peeking over the trees, hearts were beating steady in their chests as they lined up, and then they were off!  


“Starting off, I try to keep my pace as steady as I can,” says an anonymous SHS senior. “Some people say it depends on the course, but I think that’s just the best way to do it. Keep it steady for most of the time, and when you’re getting to the end, use that last burst of energy to make it as fast as you can.” Though not on the team, she’s been a runner for many years and gives us a little bit of a scoop on the mind inside a track runner. 


Lake Mary High School, our rivals when it comes to football, remain just as determined to take that winning spot. “I’ve been on the team since my freshman year,” says Nathan Henning, a senior on the cross country team at LMHS. “I love running, and it’s always been a hobby of mine. Everyone’s time counts for something, so I’m just training hard to get my time up. Being close with my teammates definitely helps too, and it keeps me focused. When it comes to cross country, it’s a sport, yeah, but you also have to make sure you enjoy it and keep pushing yourself to do better. That’s when you’ll get that winning spot.” 


The cross country championship was an event of teamwork and school spirit, parents and students lining up to cheer on their kids and their schools to take the first-place spot. Each step the racers took was a testament to the hard work and the determination that goes into play once they take their places on the track. Unfortunately, Seminole High School was unable to clinch the win, but despite that, we continue to cheer them on and encourage them to keep doing what they’re doing! Wonderful job, Noles!

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