Jillian Lachcik

By: Jillian Lachcik, Sports Editor

Starting in mid-November, the Seminole High varsity basketball team will begin their tedious road to states. While last year the team did not make it to states, they predict that the state title will in fact be in their sights this year.

The team has already experienced a 180 degree turnaround, with a new coach being named this year. Seminole High School has named Administrative Manager, Mr. Sylvester Wynn, the new head coach of the boys’ varsity team. Wynn led the varsity girls’ basketball team to the final four matches in states last year, and the boys’ team hopes to have the same success.

Senior and four year varsity letterman Kelvin Mills says, “Since we have a new coach, we have a new system. We started conditioning a lot earlier, but we’ll be alright. We’re hoping that the success from the girls’ team last year will rub off on us, but we are definitely excited about our new coach.”

In the previous season the team’s final record was 13-14, but the team vows they will be at least district contenders this year. Even though a few seniors from last year have graduated, the new varsity team feels as if they can achieve greatness and fill the spots the graduated seniors have left for them.

Senior and two year varsity letterman Devonte Richardson says, “We’re very focused on winning, and I hope to have a more leader type mentality this year. We feel that we’re going to make it deep into playoffs this year because we play well together, and we hope to put Seminole on the map for basketball and not just football.”

The varsity team will definitely have their hands full balancing many games and practices throughout the school year, but in the end the hard work and dedication will pay off. Their mentality has changed completely, and hopefully they will have an extremely successful season.

Junior and first year varsity letterman Andrew Sykes says, “I have a whole new mindset this year. I know I have to push myself, and the team has to push each other so we can individually improve, and we can improve together, so we can finally make it to states.”

Make sure to look out for Seminole High’s boys’ varsity basketball team this year and head out to their first home game on November 18!