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Abra Stalker

Seminole had been riding high on a remarkable 3-game winning streak, fueled by their recent victories and hungry to extend their winning record when they faced the formidable Treasure Coast Titans. The anticipation was palpable as fans eagerly awaited this clash of titans. However, as the day unfolded, an unexpected twist awaited both teams.


The skies darkened, and ominous clouds gathered overhead, foreshadowing an impending storm. The atmosphere grew tense as lightning streaked across the sky and rain poured down in sheets. With player safety as the top priority, game officials had no choice but to impose a 45-minute delay, allowing the storm to unleash its fury. Thunder rumbled through the stadium, emphasizing the gravity of the weather situation. But as quickly as the storm had arrived, it began to subside. The rain, though persistent, took on a more manageable rhythm. During the delay, both teams huddled, strategizing and staying focused despite the weather-related disruption. Remarkably, the fans, despite being drenched, remained steadfast in their support, eagerly awaiting the kickoff. With the thunder settling into a distant rumble, the moment arrived. The referee signaled that it was time for the kickoff, and the roar of the crowd filled the air once more.


At the start of the quarter, Treasure Coast and Seminole showcased exceptional defensive skills, making it a challenging battle on the field. The game’s tone was set when Treasure Coast gained possession of the ball, and quarterback Ahmar Atwell executed a remarkable play by launching a massive pass to Gabriel Avin, resulting in the game’s first score. This electrifying play by the Treasure Coast ignited the excitement among fans. However, the game took an exciting turn as the wet and slippery conditions on the field began to pose difficulties for Seminole. The rain-soaked turf caused numerous players from both teams to struggle with their footing, turning every yard gained into a hard-fought battle. Weather conditions became a significant factor in determining the outcome.


Seminole was determined to mount a comeback after witnessing the Titans’ explosive play. They embarked on a drive of their own, displaying remarkable resilience. Unfortunately, their luck ran out when defensive end Omari Kinsler, with incredible speed and technique, sacked Seminole’s quarterback, Karson Squeiros-Lasky, with a thunderous hit. Treasure Coast regained possession of the ball, but Seminole’s defense was on fire, tackling Ahmar Atwell in the endzone for a 2-point safety, adding an unexpected twist to the score. Seminole, despite the setbacks, continued to fight back. They started making good passes and runs downfield. However, their hopes were dashed when Karson threw an interception to defensive back Shamir Sterlin, who ran it into the endzone for a pick-6, extending the Titans’ lead.


At halftime, the tension in the air was noticeable. Seminole used the score as motivation, Justin Rosado emerged as a key player, running downfield to gain massive yards. He scored the first Seminole touchdown of the game, closing the gap to 9-14.


The game’s pace slowed down as both teams sought to score more points, but neither could find the breakthrough they needed. The final seconds of the game counted down, and the match concluded with Seminole experiencing their first loss of the season, while Treasure Coast remained undefeated with a 3-0 record. Seminole is going away to go against Evans High School, while Treasure Coast travels to play Martin County. Despite the loss, Seminole is still the impressive team that we know, and Treasure Coast was a challenge Seminole needed to see the flaws of the team to better understand what to work on. Let’s hope Seminole can win the next one!