Jennifer Schmid

The Environmental Club is making efforts to keep the beach clean.

Kruthi Munugeti, Reporter

While climate change and environmental issues threaten the existence of humans on Earth, students can’t help but feel hopeless. Luckily, a  great opportunity for students to contribute their part in saving the planet is going to the beach clean-ups that are sponsored by the New Seminole High School Environmental Club.


It’s important for people to participate in the cleanups because most people at the beach won’t clean up the area around them, so we have to clean it up to make sure the beach stays pristine. When there’s litter on the beach, it could pollute the ocean and remain there for thousands of years because plastics aren’t biodegradable,” said junior Paige Antolick. Most people don’t think about that when they casually see a bottle or a wrapper laying on the beach so it’s our job to clean the litter up.” 


In addition to Antolick,  25 eager volunteers showed up to the beach clean-up on Sunday. The experience provides an educational opportunity along with community service hours. A few members were fortunate enough to speak with experienced wildlife conservation workers and ask questions about saving baby sea turtles. The whole clean up is from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and provided a fulfilling experience for the volunteers who came. 


I decided to participate in the beach clean up because I love New Smyrna Beach and wanted to make it look beautiful, I needed to gain hours for other clubs, and I got to spend quality time with all my friends,” said junior Ava Polly. “I would definitely participate in another clean-up, it was a great experience.” 


The club is eager to welcome new members and is planning on hosting more beach clean ups. Their goal is to preserve the beaches of Central Florida, and hopefully expand to help the environment all over Florida.


“This was such an exciting opportunity for our members. Cleaning our local Florida beaches is and helping preserve our Earth is such a magical and rewarding feeling that you can’t get any other way!” said senior Moira Martinous, President of Environmental Club.


There are more chances for students to participate in beach clean-ups, the date is currently to be determined but keep up with them on Instagram @enviroclubshs and our Instagram @seminolenewspaper for more updates!